December 3rd, 2008


We are victorious!

We were going to wait until tomorrow to deal with the smoke alarm. The beeping wasn't really bothering us that much, and it wasn't really constant, so we didn't think it was that big a deal. But then last night, we were playing Final Fantasy XII, and the cats had come out to join us because it's warmer when everyone's together. (Fresno decided it's officially winter here a few days ago.)

And the beeping started. Mimsy looked very alarmed, and after a few beeps, she slunk away and hid in the bedroom. She came back an hour later, right before the beeping started again. We didn't see her again until bedtime. Oreo just twitched. But it looked like a kind of painful twitch, and watching him started to make Athena twitch, too. So after the alarm's next beeping session, she decided it was time for a showdown.

Our biggest problem was getting the connector (connecting the alarm to the ceiling) off so that we could get the battery cover open. We pulled and pulled and pulled, but to no avail. Finally, Athena managed to get it off enough that she could almost open the battery cover enough to get the battery out. And then the battery cover kind of broke off. Eh heh. But we changed the battery and everything is back in place, and the kitties don't have to worry about the hideous beeping anymore. Until this new battery runs out of power.

The next obstacle in our path is reporting our heater to the management, because it only blows room temperature air, which is not a good temperature air when the room is already cold. Our other next obstacle, which is more likely to be ignored because it doesn't affect our comfort or the cats' is to get some sort of a shelving unit for all the CDs we have piling up on our desk. Come to think of it, more shelves for our manga and DVDs would be good, too. I don't really mind piling them up everywhere, but it does make the place look rather cluttered, no matter how neat the stacks are. But we really ought to at least get something for the CDs. Maybe someday.

Today I'm thankful for having defeated the beeping, smoke alarms letting us know when they need a new backup power supply, smoke alarms, the insulation on these gloves we got, and having peanut butter fudge to look forward to at some point in the near(?) future.