December 2nd, 2008

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Wow, today's been a little crazy. I didn't expect to be working so long, but that's what happens when you have groceries to buy and a column to write. Also, we didn't finish as much Gakuen Alice as we wanted, and proofreading Kieli is going much slower than we'd hoped. We're really hoping it'll pick up once we get past this first part and all its crazy exposition, but we must be prepared in case it doesn't! And that means planning to take Kieli days. Fortunately, the next things on our manga schedule are things we know won't take much time (unless Kamichama Karin chu suddenly gets super super wordy in the last volume).

In the meantime, our smoke alarm has been begging for attention. It keeps beeping at us because the batteries are low. It started around Thanksgiving, but we weren't sure if the management was supposed to change the batteries or if we were and we wanted to ask them first, because we don't know if there's some kind of special process or something. It says on the alarm itself to Make Sure to Check the Manual, after all. And we don't have a manual. So when we put stuff in the mail yesterday, we asked and found out we are supposed to change the batteries.

So last night, the smoke alarm reminded us again that it needed attention, so I took it off the ceiling, but I really, really hate to do things when I don't know how to do them, especially if there's a possibility of electrocution. So I was kind of freaking out, and stuff happened, and in the end, the batteries remained unchanged. Fortunately, when I called Mom about grocery shopping, I asked her what she knew about smoke alarms, and she said she knew all about them because she had to change their smoke alarm's battery recently. And she was able to explain to me that the extra wire coming from the smoke alarm was not going to burn the apartment down, and I'm feeling much better about life.

Unfortunately, we can't get the battery cover off. So I called Mom again, and she said she couldn't help without seeing it, but she's going to LA tomorrow, so we have to wait. Fortunately, the smoke alarm seems content to beep at us every so often, and isn't being all that persistent. Now we just need to make sure not to start any fires. Poor Mimsy, though. The beeping of the smoke alarm is like the one thing she really can't stand. She doesn't hide from anything except the beeping from the smoke alarm.

Today I'm thankful for getting help with the smoke alarm, getting to buy the things that we were running out of, fresh French bread, Mathnet ("The story you are about to see is a fib. But it's short."), and learning Cap'n Crunch's full name today on Jeopardy! (it's Horatio Magellan Crunch!).
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