November 30th, 2008


Dun dun DUN!!!

Today has certainly been an interesting one. Mostly because of the things we've had to think about. We were in the library when the ward clerk, who is better friends with Sarah and/or her fiance than us (makes sense, since she's more social and her fiance's been in Fresno since forever) saw us there and asked, "You didn't go to the family reunion?"

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So anyway, we're firm believers that sometimes, all you can do about something is cry and get it out of your system, so I guess that's what that was. It's the kind of thing that can't really go away, which is why I don't talk about it much. But sometimes, well, sometimes you just gotta talk about it, or say it out loud, or vent, or something.

I wanted to end this post on a happy note, to let people know we're doing okay despite the angst, but I just wrote an angsty post, so guess what's on my mind? Let's see... Our home teachers came over today... we talked about lots of random fun things like video games and different languages and I found out that that amazing growl Tetsuya Kakihara did as Pochi in Zombie Loan probably did come from growing up speaking German... Sarah said she might take us to IHOP. I hope they still have streussel pancakes. And later we'll be watching The Santa Clause 3, which is good fun. We watched the first two on Friday and yesterday. We saw the third one in theaters before we saw the second one, and we were told the second one was bad, but it wasn't any more or less good than the other two. Take that to mean whatever you will. It does make us wonder why we didn't see the previous Mrs. Claus in the first Santa Clause movie, but we guess either the Santa that died was a widower, or she left while Scott was still turning into Santa. Incidentally, we read somewhere that Akira Ishida♥ is the Japanese dub voice of Bernard, which just seems so perfect.

Today I'm thankful for triple chocolate ice cream, getting a visit from our home teachers today, the Christmas tree someone left in the library at church, The Santa Clause movies, and the perfection-making of practice.