November 29th, 2008


More AX pics!

It's incredible how quiet it's been on LJ today. Although I guess it's not that unusual, considering that it's still Thanksgiving weekend. Heck, even I don't have much to talk about. Okay, so I probably could ramble on about something, but Collapse )

I feel like I should have some sort of conclusion to that list of photos, and yet there is none. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for having had just enough laundry detergent to do two loads, having things ready to put in the mail on Monday, having two more books to translate for TokyoPop, coupons from Play Asia, and getting a shipping confirmation from Game Stop for Final Fantasy V.

EDIT: lyschan kindly pointed out some errors in coding which have now been fixed. Also, in the process of fixing, we discovered that Photo Bucket's pixellation and our pixellation were out of synch, and some pictures were hidden from us because of it. So we scrolled over to the right and now they've all been found and posted.