November 28th, 2008


Once again, I can't think of a subject.

I feel like yesterday was quite eventful and yet not. Maybe because we watched so many movies. Going to the movies seems to be a pretty common Thanksgiving tradition these days, and our family was no exception. And since we'd had a DVD of National Treasure sitting around unwatched for weeks and weeks and weeks, we figured yesterday would be a good time to watch it. I like it because it had a good balance of action and plot, and because the girl tells the guy at one point, "That's dumb!" which just amuses me no end.

We also watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving specials on ABC, which were playing opposite The Incredibles on NBC, which was pretty confusing because I thought ABC was the Disney-owned network, but oh well. And then we caught the encore of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Destination Imagination, which was very awesome. And even more hilarious because of the Bloo/Basch connection. Wow.

There was also time for manga reading! Yay! I finally got to read one of Athena's favorites, Himegimi no Tsukurikata: How to Make a Princess, and now I know why it's one of her favorites! Yay! You can probably figure out what it's about based on the title--the premise isn't all that uncommon. But it's all in the telling, and it's a telling we like. I really hope that if this gets licensed in the US, we get to translate it. There's this butler character who uses super duper polite language when talking to the princess, but then uses regular plain speech when it's just him and the other butler, and it would be a fun challenge to translate to see if we can make that come across.

Maybe we should make a translation wishlist for our column. Come to think of it, Park's suggested that before. But at the time, our list was pretty short because we hadn't been reading any unlicensed manga. Hmm. Speaking of the column, Athena pointed out that we might want to get started on it before the last minute this time, and it's a good thing she did, because at that point I realized I had no idea what I wanted to write a column on. Well now we have two--the wishlist and a list of manga/manga-related things we're thankful for. Of course that second one could turn out to be super long. It'd be like our whole resume and then some. But we also thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to ask people here if there was anything in particular they'd like to read a column about. So now's your chance! If there's anything you're dying for us to go into more detail about or something, just ask and there's a good chance we'll write a column about it, assuming we think we can make a column out of it; if not we'll answer in a comment or something. Or maybe we could do a Q&A column where we answer a bunch of short questions. Or if you're not that inquisitive, that's okay too. We're not either.

Last night ended with the dangers of internet boredom making an appearance. We weren't satisfied with just LJ, so we decided to see what Neo Romance was up to. That didn't take long, so we went to Square-Enix's Japanese page, which of course led us to the Dissidia Final Fantasy home page, which of course had new stuff up and is still as shiny as ever. And it also reminded us that we've never played Final Fantasy V. We actually haven't heard, like, any good things about it (except that the creator of Higurashi liked the one character enough to base his pen name off of her), but it's the one FF neither of us has played (unless you count the FF7 sequel/prequels and Tactics Advance 2, which we own but haven't played yet, and all the Chocobo Dungeon games, and I think there are some Crystal Chronicles games we're missing--it's the one that's in Dissidia that we haven't played yet), so we immediately went to see if we could find it. Game Stop had it used, so we ordered it then and there. Well, sort of. We checked if Best Buy had it first, since we wanted it new because we're spoiled, but they didn't so we went back to Game Stop then and there and ordered a used copy. And here I was thinking we wouldn't buy anything on Black Friday. (Though technically, it was only Black Friday in the sense that it was after midnight.)

So now that we're getting that taken care of, I just need to play Final Fantasy III (when we got it, the idea was to take turns, but it kind of never happened), and then we'll be all set for Dissidia Final Fantasy. Yay!

Today I'm thankful for used video games, new Foster's movies, How to Make a Princess, getting to play Final Fantasy games that we haven't played yet, and Celeste showing up to get her old formal dresses before we get involved in something we don't want interrupted.