November 26th, 2008



The writer's block prompt for today is very dangerous, asking what songs you hate to have stuck in your head. I always have to make sure I have a song I like playing in my head, so one I hate doesn't take a cue from that prompt and lodge itself in my head.

Speaking of danger, it would seem we get a little too absorbed in our work these days. This is only a problem because then we don't bother to do things like turn on the lights when it's really dark in here. It's nice and rainy today, which is awesome, but also means it gets dark sooner. I guess we'll just have to discipline ourselves better in regards to forcing ourselves to get up.

Though come to think of it, it probably has something to do with us working on one of the Big Three, and for the Big Three, we don't want to stop working because we feel like we've gotten so little done. For example, when the phone rings, I'm much more likely to get up and answer it without complaining if we're in the middle of our music CD and we've already got fifteen pages or so translated. If we're toward the end of the CD and we've only gotten eight pages or less done, then I start yelling at nothing in particular.

Changing the subject slightly, we were planning on waiting until next week to break out the Christmas music, but as it turned out, we started work on Gakuen Alice today, and the first thing that happens is they're getting ready for a Christmas party. And that really doesn't have much relevance to anything, but I felt like mentioning it.

Now I remember the other interesting thing that happened today. We were trapped in our apartment! Held captive! Or not, but doesn't it sound more adventurous that way? We were eating breakfast and we started hearing a bunch of sweeping sounds by our door. It kind of freaked Oreo out. At one point, there was a knock that sounded like it was meant to get us to open the door, so I did, and found a guy out there who informed me they would be painting our door. And thus we were trapped inside. Y'know. Until they went on break. And then until they finished.

Anyway, as much fun as we had working on Gakuen Alice today (even though it was slowish), now we're done working, and we're pretty excited for our nice, extra long weekend. Today I'm thankful for all the neat alchemy stuff we learned while working on Negima today and yesterday, the rain we're getting, lungs, the ability to get up and turn on a light, and newly painted doors.