November 25th, 2008


Off to the theatre!

Today was the day of Celeste's presentation. We all went to her class, where we performed our little scene, and then her teacher asked us questions about how she did as a director. We think it went alright, and as for me, I'm just relieved that nobody was expecting us to be that great at acting. (Not that we think we're bad, of course, but you never know, right?)

We went first, but Celeste was our ride home, and since she was kind of in class, she had to stay and watch the other presentations. There were supposed to be five total (including hers), but one of the people who was supposed to be presenting had to withdraw from the university or something, so she wasn't there. So we saw three other scenes. Two were directed by people who teamed up, so they had the same cast, and they even did the same play (The Witches), and the one guy looked like a young Sylar. It was kind of creepy, or would have been if he hadn't been so cute.

The fourth group was the group Celeste and her classmate (who was kind enough to help Celeste and act in her scene) were kind of afraid of, because it was the one done by a Theatre Person, who was apparently going all out. She directed a scene from a play about an Inuit looking for the sun? I think that was the premise. And the moon comes and taunts him and he goes to the animals for help only they don't, so the moon comes and taunts him some more. It seemed like a pretty cool story, but since she was the Theatre Person, we were distracted. I guess it's just that when we see someone showing off, we instinctively become more critical. So of course, the first thing that happens when it starts... The director of the scene was thinking, since it's Inuit themed, she would do their makeup all fancy, and make the characters look like totems.

The problem we see there is that this is a children's theater class. And that facepaint was a little creepy, so we could imagine children being really scared, especially because male Disneyland cast members aren't allowed to have facial hair because it scares children. If a mustache can scare a child, that facepaint could definitely have scared a child. So what I'm saying is that it's okay to be all artistic and fancy like that, but make sure to consider your audience, too.

On the other hand, there were some good things, too. For example, she didn't have time to give all her actors white faces before class started, so the moon's makeup was pretty darn awesome. It probably would have shown up better on whiteface, but I really think that would have looked creepy, too. And the arctic fox was cute, and the musk ox did a really good job and had a really sexy voice.

All the scenes were pretty good, but I think we have the appropriate attention spans for these plays, so we got bored anyway. I know, I know, they're kids' plays, so we should be able to pay attention anyway, but the actors in kids' plays have to have a lot of energy (for us, anyway), and these were just people volunteering to help people with their school projects.

And! we got home with plenty of time to get our work done, and it looks like we'll get to start on Gakuen Alice tomorrow after all. Yay! (But we might not anyway; we'll see.)

Today I'm thankful for opportunities to help people, getting a lot of work done on that lexicon entry, still having lots of candy, the Jack in the Box teriyaki bowl commercials, and e-mails with exclamation points from bosses (for some reason, if there are only periods, I feel like they're being very stern).