November 23rd, 2008


Artistic vision

Today has been an exercise in patience. It wasn't that bad, really; we just get impatient a little too easily with some things. See, Celeste is taking a children's theatre class, and for her final project she has to direct a scene from a children's play, and we've agreed to act in it. This is where we learned for the first time that sometimes, when we're bothered by the acting in something, it might actually be that the director just has a different artistic vision than we do. For example, there's this one episode of a cartoon called Filmore where there's this kid who's into all kinds of games, and he has one line that says, "Just don't save over any of my games." It sounds like a pretty easy line to deliver, especially if you've played a lot of video games. But he emphasizes the word "save" like it's new and unusual. It doesn't work, because anybody who plays a lot of video games would be talking like that all the time, and "save" would not be new or unusual. So either the actor didn't play a whole lot of video games, or the director told them to emphasize the word save even though someone with our artistic vision would have told them to use the word save as if they talk like that all the time.

So in Celeste's scene there were some instances of similar clashing vision. On the other hand, she came up with some stuff that was very good that we might not have thought of, so it all works out in the end. It's just hard to sit back and say, "You're the director." But we did it! (Although we did make a few suggestions sometimes.)

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And that's all for now!

Today I'm thankful for the nice compliments we got in Relief Society today, getting to see the finale of America's Next Top Model that was missed on Wednesday, being home from Mom's with plenty of time to read manga, extra candy in Relief Society, and another new classical music CD!