November 21st, 2008


Back to work

Clearly, we are very out of shape if we are still sore two days after one day at Disneyland. All you're doing is walking, I mean, come on. Ah well. Working today turned out to be a lot easier than yesterday, though. It's really hard to concentrate on translating when your head kind of hurts. It's a little bit hard anyway, though, because we just went through a long chain of books that went faster than expected, and we've been spoiled. Now we're on volume two of Hana no Namae, and there are new characters that talk a lot, so it's going probably a little slower than normal for this one. Not that I can really say what's normal after just one volume. That we translated like a year ago. Eheh.

Oh right! I forgot to mention something cool we found out yesterday. For the holiday version of the Haunted Mansion, when it's all done up Nightmare Before Christmas style, there's one part where you go into the ballroom (as usual). Normally, they have a bunch of ghosts celebrating a kid's birthday, but for the holiday version, they have a big gingerbread thing. I say thing, because the cool thing we found out is that it's different every year. (I never really remember it each year, so I never noticed.) This year, it was a gingerbread coffin which would open up to reveal a dead gingerbread man, who would sit up out of the coffin. And the really cool thing is that it's all made out of real gingerbread.

This year, they seem to have discovered the joy of scents, too. When you ride past that part of the ballroom, there is a pretty strong gingerbread scent. They used the same thing in It's a Small World holiday, only they had other smells too, like peppermint and... was it wax for the candles? I don't remember, but it was kind of neat. And a little overpowering. Ah well.

In other news, the translator on the last volume of Negima! before we started on it missed one of the lexicon items for that volume. Having worked on Negima! ourselves, we can't help but wonder if he really just missed it (pretty easy to do with Negima!, especially because it tires your brain out), or if he got to it and decided he was done. Just like, "Nope. I'm done." And left it. We couldn't really blame him if that was the case, either--this particular item is another two-pager. So now we're going to translate it, which is kind of an interesting coincidence, because it's something that also kind of shows up in Final Fantasy XII (the coincidence is in that we started playing FF12 again recently enough to realize that fact). But it's Friday and we've had an eventful week, so that will wait until later.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Family Feud on the Game Show Network, getting our DVDs from Bandai yesterday, free tortillas at California Adventure, getting to hear one of the Billies whistle the William Tell Overture, and a long day at Disneyland restoring my appetite (which had been quite diminished after all the stress of October).