November 20th, 2008


Back from Disneyland

We're back from Disneyland and we're still exhausted. Long long days will do that to you. (And then we interrupted this post composition to go grocery shopping, which didn't help with the short-term fatigue, but will probably help with the long-term.) We woke up at five, because our ride wanted to be on the road by six. There was a while when we thought we might not actually be going, as six came and went and there was still no word from him. He finally called at about six-fifteen to let us know he overslept and he and his friend were on the way. Collapse )

And thus concludes another trip to Disneyland. I keep thinking I'll have less to write about each time, but new things happen every time. I didn't even go into our discussion about trying to pop the inside balloon of the astronaut Mickey balloons. (It's a Mickey-shaped balloon with a clear round balloon over it.)

Today I'm thankful for another fun trip to Disneyland with people who enjoy it as much as we do, having one more ride under our belt that we never have to go on again, cute holiday napkins, making it on Indiana Jones before the park closed (there were only a few minutes between the end of Fantasmic! and closing, and we hadn't been on it yet; when we got off, we got to see part of the ride changed so they could put the cars in storage), and spontaneous purchases of Heath bars.