November 18th, 2008



As most of you can probably figure out by the fact that we're posting and even if we did bring the laptop to Disneyland (why?), we probably wouldn't be taking time to update LJ while we're there, we are not at Disneyland today. I called our ride last night to make sure we were still going, and eventually it got to yes, but not until Wednesday. So if we get up at five tomorrow and end up not going, we are going to be very displeased. But on the bright side, it gave Athena's toe more time to recover, and let us finish up our Negima! translation.

Finishing the translation was an interesting experience. There would be a sense of relief as we finished going over a certain part, which would immediately be followed by a surge of terror as we realized what part we'd be going over next. Of course, there were only three parts (story script, lexicon, feature on the Taiwanese version), so it only happened twice, but man, it's pretty scary to think that there would be anything scarier than that lexicon, and yet... there was. But we're done now! Woohoo!! I just hope it all makes sense. I think it does, but I'm biased.

In other news, today we got our comp copies of Higurashi volume 1! Yay!! I really don't know why I'm so happy to be working on this series, and yet I am. I actually did stop to take a (very) quick look at the final translation, and there were some things I was happy about and some things we weren't so happy about. Of course, any time a script of ours gets changed, no matter how minor, the immediate reaction is for us to be upset, and then we think about it for a bit and sometimes we calm down and sometimes not. (And sometimes, we'll go back and check our script and realize it was us all along. Sigh...) This is why we don't read the TokyoPop versions of stuff we translate.

There was one particular thing I noticed that seemed like whoever changed it wasn't quite paying attention to the note we left for the editor(s) in the script, so hopefully they eventually noticed the pattern we pointed out and stopped doing what they did. Or maybe it really sounds better that way? (Remember: obvious bias.) At any rate, we only found one example of it, because we really needed to get back to Negima!, so we don't know how the rest of it ended up. But overall, it looks pretty good.

There was one word they used in the final version of Higurashi that we would never have come up with, because it's not a word that usually comes up in our sphere of existence, which, admittedly, is very narrow. So the question is how often do people use the word "tizzy" these days?

And wow, we just checked the release date and found out we got our copies two weeks early! Nice!! (Why are books coming out on Sundays now?)

But anyway, it's a great series, so if you haven't been keeping up with it in Yen Plus, and if you don't hate horror, go check it out!!

Today I'm thankful for Higurashi comp copies, being done with that Negima! translation, how fun it is to say the word "tizzy," getting to watch Death Note and read manga last night (moreso because we didn't have to go to bed early), and not having a scheduling conflict for tomorrow (except for America's Next Top Model, but we'll work it out).