November 15th, 2008


Dreams come true

Today is exciting in lots of different ways! First, our internet wasn't working again when we got up this morning! Whee! So we called tech support again and figured out for sure what the problem is, but right now it's only temporarily fixed until we can get new filters. We're not confident in our ability to get to a place that sells them, so we ordered them online, and the problem should be taken care of soon enough. As long as we can use the internet on Monday, everything should be fine. If not, we'll just start on something new in the time we can't finish up Negima.

Actually, come to think of it, that was the second thing that happened today. The first, aside from Oreo trying to wake us up before the alarm would have gone off if it had been set (which it wasn't; come on, cat, it's Saturday) for an early breakfast, was Celeste calling to let us know that she and her husband do in fact want to go to the sneak preview of Bolt. This was good news in a couple of ways. First, it meant that Celeste really has inherited Vincenzo's phone (name changed to protect the innocent), so we don't have to worry that Fabio is getting random phone calls from people he doesn't know. Second and more importantly, we get to see Bolt tonight. Yay!!

At one point, we got an e-mail from CD Japan. They've been selling apparel courtesy of Cospa, which means they have awesome, authentic Japanese anime t-shirts. They're kind of expensive, so we usually just look at what they have and say, "Oh, that's neat," and move on with our lives. But several months ago they had the Shirt of Awesome. It was a black shirt with the Gurren-dan (you know, we never bothered with the subtitles on Gurren-Lagann, even after we bought the DVDs) logo on the front, and on the back, in Kamina's awesome font, it had his infamous episode eight speech. The whole thing. And it was awesome. And we wanted it. We wanted it very very badly. But not enough to order it right then, because it was at a time when our financial situation was a bit unstable. But time passed and when we decided it was time that we could order a couple of them, they weren't taking orders for it anymore. It was like a pre-order only shirt or something. And we were sad.

But! They're re-releasing it! Yaaaaaayyy!! And it's here and it's still awesome. We want to wear them and have people come up to us and ask us what it says, and then we can tell them and they'll be like, "That sounds kinda neat; maybe I want to watch that show!" And even if they don't it's still a dang cool shirt. So this time we pre-ordered one for each of us right away, and now I'm going to forget all about it so when we get the shipping confirmation (in January--so far away!) it will be a very happy surprise.

Then we went to the 7-11 to get milk, and while we were looking around to see if there were any yummy snacks we wanted to buy, we found that they had exactly the kind of gloves we've been wanting all our lives since we moved to Fresno and our hands froze in the winter. They're not as cute and girly as some of the ones we've seen, but they look very very warm (we haven't tried them yet; it's unseasonably warm today), and we're very happy to have them for the time of year when our hands turn into popsicles as we sit working at our computer all day with the heater off. Not that it gets that cold in Fresno, but, as our college friends can attest, we're weenies.

And then we worked on those Negima questions from Del Rey. It was pretty neat, actually. We're wondering if we'll get that many questions when they start going through the volume we translated. There's so much in Negima that it's understandable that things got missed along the way, but I think we have an easier time catching things because there's two of us. We'll find out.

Today I'm thankful for Cospa re-releasing that shirt, finally getting the gloves we've always dreamed of, having plans to go see Bolt, having people to take us to go see Bolt, and fun with names.