November 14th, 2008


Finally connected

Today has been so weird! It's all kind of blargh right now. We turned on the computer this morning and the DSL wasn't working. So we did some non-computer-related stuff, restarted, tried a few things, still no internet for us. The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago, and when we restarted the computer after lunch, it all worked again, so we decided to try that. In the meantime, we realized that trying to check our Negima script without any internet would just mean having to check it again, which would be extremely frustrating the first time through, so we decided to work on Kieli instead. Then we finished up the two pages featuring the Taiwanese version that we hadn't done yet (I think we might be able to make them make sense!), and in the middle of that we had lunch and tried our internet again and it still failed.

Finally I called tech support, and apparently there was an outage that affected us, which should be fixed by six o'clock. So we worked on Kieli until we were So Done with translating, which probably came a little sooner than normal because even though we don't need the internet for a first draft, it really really reeeeally helps, and not having it just makes me feel... lost, or adrift or something, so I wanted to stop sooner than usual. But then we realized we were about two pages from the end of the whole book, so we pushed ourselves anyway. So on the bright side of everything, we finished our first draft of Kieli 2! (Except for the afterword, because we were so done.)

It was only five-thirty, so we read manga for an hour and then the internet still wasn't working so we called tech support and finally fixed the problem, and then we had a bazillion e-mails (okay, so actually less than thirty, which really isn't very much at all, but it seems like a lot for us), one of which was an e-mail from Del Rey, needing us to answer questions, but we missed it because the internet was out, which makes us sad. But it couldn't be helped.

And we didn't have time to check anything else on the internet, because it was time for Jeopardy!, which is important for us to watch because it's also dinnertime. And after that we decided to watch Supernanny, because Jo is our hero, and she talks about herself in the third person when she's talking to kids, and that's just fun. I'm still amused by the fact that she looks like Katie Nana from Mary Poppins.

While we were watching, we saw a commercial for the sneak preview of Bolt, the new Disney movie that's coming out next week. I'm still not sure I trust that movie, but we got a Disney Insider newsletter that indicated that John Lasseter is pretty involved with this one, too. Of course, that means nothing to me right now--he was involved enough in the recent rerelease of Sleeping Beauty to do a commentary for it, and it still had that wrong wrong wrong dragon encounter thing on it. That might not have been his fault, but until I know for sure, I'm doubting everybody. But anyway, just because we don't trust it doesn't mean we don't want to see it as soon as possible, so instead of updating LJ as soon we we had the chance, we went about finding out when and where these sneak previews were. We finally got the information, and then figured that since Celeste and her husband like Disney, they might be willing to drive us to the movie. But I called and she didn't pick up. Lame.

So, even though I knew Mom has company this week, I called her. I said it was an emergency and explained the situation. She listened and when I was done said, "That's an emergency?" I said, "Yes." What I should have said was, "Mom. Look who you're talking to." But she couldn't go after all, so the best we could do was leave a message on Celeste's voice mail. Or at least, we assume it's Celeste's voice mail. The message we get says we've reached Gunter's phone (name changed to protect the innocent; definitely male though), which would still make sense, because her husband's brother just left on his mission, so she probably took over his phone. But she's never picked up when we called her on it, so we won't know if we actually reached her unless she calls back. Or if we call again and somebody picks up. Or if we don't see her until Sunday and ask her about it then.

Anyway, this whole thing with the internet and the not working and the delayed schedules and the sneak preview and everything has me tired, so now it's time to go watch Death Note. Incidentally, we finished Chrono Crusade yesterday and it's the most depressing anime I've ever seen. Just wanted to say. Does that count as a spoiler? I seem to remember having been told it was depressing before, and not thinking of that as a spoiler, since I had no idea what was so depressing about it. But it's still good to watch, I think.

Today I'm thankful for the internet working again, Supernanny, having time to read manga today, fulfilling my dream of getting to be two weeks ahead on Kieli, and proofreaders.