November 12th, 2008


Not a trap.

Again, I might say it was a trap if I didn't already expect it. We got to the lexicon in the back of Negima 23 today. We translated one page. It took us more than an hour. At first it was pretty fun, because it was "Oooh, Greek mythology! Neat!" and then it went right into quoting German philosophers about darkness and stuff, and man, was that hard. On the bright side, after that, Kieli was a piece of cake!

While we translated Kieli, we listened to Symphony Seed Destiny, which sounds like California Adventure. Or rather, like the music you hear at California Adventure (Condor Flats, to be specific). I just wanted to say that.

We thought of going back to translating Negima when we were done with Kieli for the day, but it turned out to be a little too late, I think. We only have a few pages left, but I wouldn't be surprised if they take all day to translate tomorrow. Or longer. At least it's pretty interesting stuff, and also at least we don't have to look up all the kanji individually. We can only imagine how painful it would be otherwise... (Actually, we kind of have been there. That's what fanbooks are all about. So I guess we can do more than imagine.)

In the meantime, Oreo has been keeping us company. I guess that's not anything new. But it is awfully cute♥ He seems to like to sit on... I'm sitting on a blanket because in the morning I get cold and I wrap it around myself before I sit in my chair, but as the day goes on and I'm typing and stuff, it falls so the edges are on the floor. And that's where Oreo likes to sit. But sometimes I don't notice him there, and so I get up to get water or something and I end up kicking him. Poor kitty. Fortunately, he's big enough that a kick from me doesn't do him much harm.

Today I'm thankful for furigana in Negima lexicons (oh so thankful), receiving those contracts we were wondering about, putting things in perspective (compared to Negima lexicons, Kieli is actually easy), my Witch Hunter Robin shirt (we've only seen one episode of the anime, but I think the shirt looks good on me), and our Symphony Seed Destiny CD.