November 10th, 2008



We were on our last CD's worth of work for the day when we got a call from former home teacher saying he made a mistake in planning and we can't go to Disneyland tomorrow after all. Ha ha, I guess that's what we get for our lack of faith (we were actually pretty sure we were going tomorrow this time). But we can go next week! So we are still going, just later than planned. Unless there's plans with Nana that day, since she'll be in town that week, we think? I also am not sure what she wants us to call her. Nana or Nanny or something... Our maternal grandmother, anyway.

In the meantime, life is still pretty darn exciting. And we got almost halfway through Negima! in just one day of work! Amazing! Unbelievable! It almost feels like a trap. But I think it's just that after all the stress we had, we're being blessed with books that happen to have less text. This one does have a lot of action scenes, after all.

We also watched Sleeping Beauty on Blu-ray last night. It was interesting because we don't have an HDTV or a plasma TV or whatever kind of TV you need for the Ultimate Experience, so it was nigh impossible to read the menus. They were so tiny! But we managed them anyway, and after the movie, we watched their crazy little "dragon encounter audio-sensory experience" thing, which would have been awesome Collapse )

Oh right! I almost forgot. We heard back from our boss at CMX today, and we officially have permission to keep the extra comp copies of I Hate You♥ 4 and 5. So now the question is deciding what to do with them. We thought of having a contest, but we didn't really know what kind to have, so I thought we could give one set of copies to whoever came up with the best contest, and another to whoever won that contest, but I don't know. I don't even know if that many people care about it. We don't even know if the people who would be interested in the free copies would be paying enough attention to our journal to read this paragraph! (which is really the main reason we don't want to just give them away; we're desperate for attention.) So I guess we'll just see what happens.

Today I'm thankful for permission, still having plans to go to Disneyland, certain Negima! action scenes (this volume is pretty intense!), the Kingdom Hearts people paying careful attention to what the Disney characters are actually like, and cute nicknames.