November 9th, 2008


Stake conference

I thought it would be fun to start this entry with a "Previously on Alethea & Athena's LiveJournal," and then copy and paste the sentences that would provide the necessary recap for the following story to make sense, but then I realized I don't know where to find all those entries, and it would be a lot easier to explain the story as I go, so that's what I decided to do.

This weekend was stake conference. That basically means our schedule for going to church gets altered. This tends to cause us minor problems every six months (that's how often we have stake conference), because it makes our transportation situation a little weird. Sometimes, if we're smart, we think to ask a week ahead of time, when we're talking to people at church anyway, for a ride. This time, we weren't smart. In fact, we even went to that art hop thing with our Relief Society president, and we totally forgot to ask her for a ride while we were there. And much as we hate making phone calls, we hate calling people for rides to church even more. It's hard to explain.

So yesterday morning, as I was lying in bed not wanting to get up just yet, I was kind of hoping there would be a little miracle, like Mom wanting to go shopping or something, and us automatically getting a ride to the Saturday night session anyway. (It's happened before, so why not, right?) But I decided I need to stop being a baby and relying on other people to call me, so I went ahead and called the person who normally drives us to church, asked if she was going to the Saturday session of stake conference, and lo and behold, we got a ride. Just like that.

As it turned out, it was a very good thing we did make that phone call, because not a minute after we sat down in the chapel, our former home teacher walked by. He saw us, stopped, and said, "I've been meaning to call you. I'm going to Disneyland on Tuesday--wanna come?" That's probably about the only question we'll ever answer immediately in the affirmative. Okay, maybe not the only one, but we do tend to be very hesitant and indecisive. But not about Disneyland. Anyway, the point is, it was yet another example to us of how choosing to do the right thing, even though it's hard and you don't want to, brings rewards.

It was especially funny to me, because I'm sure there must have been times in the past when I thought about how it would be nice if we could get a trip to Disneyland out of something. And now it's actually happened!

I guess that didn't really take a whole lot of recap to understand, but without the recap, it seems much more random than it really is. And while it's funnier that way, I always feel the need to explain things, so here goes. Our former home teacher was also the guy who drove us to and from LAX when we went to Japan. On the way back, Disneyland was just about all we could talk about, and I think annual passports got brought up, and he said if we got annual passports, since he already had one, he would make sure we got down to Disneyland to actually use them.

Of course, we got the annual passes back in July and this is only the second time he's offered to drive, and the last time we ended up being super busy and not being able to go and it all fell through. So I'm not entirely convinced we'll be going this time (though still planning on it!), but even if we don't it was an awesome church meeting (and surprisingly comical), and we're very glad we went.

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Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Disneyland as a reward, awesome stake conferences, the Book of Mormon, pumpkin peanut butter cups from Palmer's (jack-o-lantern shaped; not actually pumpkin flavored, but yummy), and pie analogies ("You always throw the pie right in their face; feed it to them one slice at a time.").