November 8th, 2008


Nothing to write about

I spent so much energy obsessing over DN Angel yesterday that I don't have anything to write about today. Okay, so probably those two things aren't really connected, and it's not necessarily true that I don't have anything to write about today. For example, we cleaned our room today, sort of. Not that our room was a complete mess, but it does happen to be the place where we pile up all the boxes and envelopes of books and things that we get for work and pleasure, and there were a lot. Like way a lot. And with everything that's been going on lately, even when we did the big huge Cleaning of the Apartment, we neglected our room because our guests weren't going to be staying in it.

But now we had time and we cleared up the boxes and we can walk straight from the door to our chairs and it's very very nice. Although come to think of it, that might also have a lot to do with the fact that we moved the extra two chairs out of the room. We had them there so the cats could hang out with us, but they kind of get in the way of cleaning. And now that the weather's cooled down, they can just jump onto laps and don't need their own chairs. And we did need two, because they're not so good at sharing sometimes. But it's cute that they like to hang out with us while we're working. Of course, the first chair was there so we could lure Mimsy off of whoever's computer chair she was sitting on.

And that all goes to show, once again, that there is very rarely "nothing" to write about.

We also started watching Chrono Crusade, which I guess I could spell with two Os, even if the Japanese version only has one (Chrno Crusade). We're liking it a lot, but I don't have much to say about it, I think.

We're solidifying plans to go to Anime Detour, a convention in Minnesota they hold in April, with baranoneko. We want to get a big cosplay group together, and right now the plan is for Haruka 3. I think at some point when I'm feeling less lazy, I'll get some pictures of the characters we're looking for and post them here in case anybody's interested in joining us. But like I said, I'm feeling kind of lazy right now, so the pictures will have to wait. I guess they shouldn't wait too long; costumes take time to make and all that. I'll make sure to post them sometime within next week.

Today I'm thankful for being able to walk right from the door to my computer chair without any obstacles, kitties who like to spend time with us while we're working, having time to watch some Chrono Crusade (not only entertaining, but also lets us work through our piles of unwatched DVDs!), having a ride to stake conference tonight, and colored hot glue.