November 5th, 2008


The Return of the Literal Translation

I want to start by linking to our Manga Life Column for this week (er, two week period), because we had a lot of fun writing it (when I managed to focus my thoughts; they were pretty scattered, which I think may be apparent from reading the column itself, but that just makes it more fun, I think). It also features the Return of the Literal Translation, which is still just as hilarious now as it was when we first posted it a year ago. Maybe we should do it more often, because it's really very very funny. Or maybe we're just nerd who get amused at weird things. Who can say?

At any rate, we do want to do some experimenting with translations, and I think we'll be asking for help with it, but we have to do stuff to get ready for it, so it might be a while. We can be very very lazy.

A weird thing happened when we signed into LJ earlier. Our default icon had been switched to something else, and not only that, but it was an icon we had never seen before. Athena thinks it was probably just a mix up in code or something, because we were calling our default icon "eviltwin," and the icon it was replaced with could possibly have been called the same thing. I just hope it wasn't a hacker or something. And then I wonder if, if it was a hacker, talking about it might only make it worse. Dun dun DUN! I don't know.

Today has also been a day of cats in danger of falling. Apparently our cats like the thrill of sitting places where they could easily fall off at any moment. It's so thrilling, they go right to sleep! And it's very very cute♥

Today I'm thankful for our cats not falling, fun with words, getting done with work a little early today, being back to a somewhat normal schedule again, and the very real prospect of getting to take another Friday off.