October 31st, 2008


Happy Halloween!

I'm updating super early today because we don't know what our schedule is going to be like exactly, but more importantly, we want it to include a lot of uninterrupted Final Fantasy XII. Hopefully it won't put our status as Michiru's best best friend at risk, because I don't want to stop playing every twenty minutes so we can make sure to keep our points up.

We don't have new costumes this Halloween, sadly. Things were just way to crazy for it to work out. But we'll probably wear our Zorn and Thorn costumes while we play FF12, in case some kids show up asking for candy. It'll be just like two years ago, spending Halloween playing FF12 dressed as Zorn and Thorn.

Anyway, fitting of Halloween, as I've been writing this entry, I've been hearing noises, like the front door opening, or maybe somebody knocking, and I'd go to check it out, but nobody would be there. Weeeeeeeird.

We had an amusing little incident about an hour ago. We decided to go to the 99cents Only Store to pick up some milk and other things, but as we were heading down the stairs, we saw a DHL truck drive past, driven by the guy who usually delivers our DHL packages. I turned to Athena and asked if we were expecting anything from CMX. We didn't know for sure, so we decided to stick around for a few minutes. No sooner had we gotten back inside than we heard a knock at the door. Wow, that was fast!! And the delivery guy was like, "You know me!" Apparently he saw us, too. And somehow the story seems less amusing after typing it out. Ah well.

The package turned out to be comp copies of I Hate You♥ volumes four and five, which puts us in a bit of a quandary, because we already have comp copies of volumes four and five. So we're not sure what to do, because technically we're only entitled to so many, but asking would be awkward. Athena's skimming one of our contracts and not finding anything about comp copies, so maybe it's not an issue? I don't know.

Today I'm thankful for not missing the delivery guy, the rainy weather, no singing in Elemental Gelade 12, having costumes to wear even if they aren't new, and yummy candy to pass out and potentially keep.