October 30th, 2008


The scheduling madness continues!

And thus I'm not updating until almost nine o'clock at night. I'm glad our schedule isn't usually this crazy. Normally if we're not watching anime or playing video games by now, I feel like something is very very wrong. It still feels really weird, but we deal with it, because we don't really have a choice. Well, I guess I could choose not to update LiveJournal, but I consider that to be a lame choice, and so I choose not to do it.

So anyway, part of the problem with today's schedule is that we had a last minute visit from Athena's visiting teachers. One of them is actually one of the Bishopric's wives, and she and her husband went on a mission together to Russia, which means now we have slightly easier access to someone who can read Russian when it comes up in Negima! Yay! There was also candy corn♥

We also ran into an unusual problem in that the suction cup thingie in the toilet tank broke so that the chain from the flushing handle thingie can no longer attach. Now we have to reach into the tank and pull the suction thingie up manually in order to flush the toilet. I find this slightly amusing, but it really is a hassle so we're going to have to report it tomorrow. Good thing we have to put stuff in the mail and pay rent and stuff anyway.

In the meantime, despite all the craziness going on, we managed to finish our translation of Elemental Gelade, which means we'll have plenty of time to play Final Fantasy XII tomorrow! This is very exciting, because we thought we might have to give it up. Although we might still give up our plan of then having a Chrno Crusade marathon on Saturday (in favor of more FF12).

And now it's time to watch the last three episodes of Hare+Guu (TV). Today I'm thankful for visiting teachers who can read Russian (or have access to husbands who can), having time for Final Fantasy XII tomorrow, creative scheduling solutions, getting to see Balthier again soon, and candy corn.
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