October 29th, 2008



Did I mention we have like a million DVDs that we've had for a super long time and not watched? I think I did. Like a million times. But anyway, the real problems come up when those DVDs are from Netflix. We had this DVD from Netflix for like two, three weeks and never watched it. Part of the reason for this is that we had been told it's a horror film, and we wanted to find a time to watch it when we had plenty of daylight, but we work in the day, because we like to pretend that we're diurnal (this fact is debatable).

What DVD was it, you ask? It's called "Dorm" and the summary on the Netflix envelope calls it a chiller from Thailand. parkcooper and his wife recommended it one time when we were talking about Higurashi. Last night, we finally decided that there wasn't a chance we were going to get to watch it in the day time for another week and a half or more (we're on Gakuen Alice next week), but since we recently discovered that Third Rock from the Sun is on TV Land at ten and ten-thirty, we figured we could try watching it, and if it was too scary, we'd have Third Rock to distract us.

As it turned out, the movie actually wasn't that scary at all. I do think it's possible that it seemed less scary because we were prepared for it and determined not to be too scared, but I also think there were some parts that wouldn't have scared me at all if I hadn't been expecting more scariness. But as you can probably tell from the rest of this entry, not scary is not a bad thing, and we liked it quite a bit. It reminded us of the story Clay started to write for us to put on our still non-existent website. And it just goes to show that occult and horror are not necessarily the same genre.

It was interesting watching a subtitled movie where we actually really needed to read the subtitles. When you get used to a second language, you tend to forget how when you don't know any of another language, it really does just sound like gibberish. It's also really cool to think that if you start studying it, the gibberish will start to make sense, and you'll be able to discriminate between words instead of just hearing a long string of sounds. Also, written Thai looks pretty cool. Like a mix of Hebrew and Korean or something. Again, it was kind of weird seeing writing and not being able to read it. Not that there aren't plenty of writing systems out there that we don't know--just that we only watch things in English and Japanese, which are the ones we do know. But we're finding it will be useful to learn Russian and Greek, or at least their alphabets. Languages are fun.

Today I'm thankful for the movie not being too scary, not being on Gakuen Alice until next week, Third Rock from the Sun being on TV Land, fun foreign films, and good recommendations.

PS: Happy birthday, Athrun!