October 27th, 2008



I'm a little too stressed out today to be digging LJ's new zombie theme. Ah well.

Mom called last night and informed us that the World Series was on at her place, and gave us the option of staying home instead of going to dinner over there. We chose to stay home, which turned out to be super awesome, because we listened to the FullMetal Alchemist CD we got a million years (or a couple weeks; we're really not sure) ago, and it was, as I said, super awesome. It makes us wish we had animator friends, because these songs need to be animated. Especially "Ame no Hi wa No Thank You." Oh my goodness the hilarity. I can think of few things that would be more awesome.

Athena suggests trying to use words other than awesome. She says she thinks people are using it too much these days. And yet, I am low on brain power for the day, so I might try to think of other words for the rest of this entry, but I'm not going to edit.

Anyway, yes. FullMetal Alchemist CD. I can imagine all the characters performing their songs and dancing around and stuff, and it would just be the best to have like the FMA Live Concert Movie or something like that. But of course, we would want to direct it.

Hughes's song Angel Heart made us cry and cry and cry. And right after that was his duet with Elicia, so we cried some more. No fair, CD!

You know, we still haven't seen the last three or four episodes of the series? We need to fix that, I think. Hm. Anyway, what was I thinking? Oh yes, back when whatsisname the American voice of Ed came to AX (July 2006), and we sat at his table at the Meet the Guests Reception because we're egotistical ourselves (we wanted to know how he'd react to our Saiyuki costumes, since he dubbed Kougaiji)...right! Vic Mignona is his name. I didn't mean to snub him by not saying his name; I just couldn't remember it right off. Anyway, he found out we hadn't seen the last episodes of FMA, and was all shocked and appalled, and then was all shocked and appalled to find out we'd been watching fansubs. But I think at that time, the last few episodes of FMA weren't available domestically. *checks Amazon* "Released on September 12, 2006..." Yup, not available yet. Unless it had aired on TV. So we wouldn't have been able to see the last episodes anyway! Lame.

And I'm just about out of brain power, so I think I'll end things here. Today I'm thankful for courage, awesome FMA CDs, Hughes having a duet with Elicia, brilliant animated sequences, and what's it called? stream of consciousness writing? That, too, whatever it's called.