October 26th, 2008


De ja vu

Once again, I feel like I'm typing up the same old thing. We've been invited to dinner at Mom's again. There's a slight twist this time, in that the main plan is, since they're taking care of their friends' son while they're out traveling or something, they have just enough people to play that card game Mom really likes if they steal Sarah's fiance. So we've been called in to entertain the lonely girlfriend. The main draw back is that, while Mario Party is fun, it does get a little old sometimes. Ah well, I'm sure we'll make it work.

Anyway, when they haven't been getting on Athena's nerves by bugging her for more food, the kitties have been quite amusing. When we cleaned the spare bedroom, we also moved the loveseat that's in there so that it wouldn't be in front of the closet. Oreo used to really like lying down next to the loveseat on the floor, between it and a piece of luggage that had been left there for a really long time. Now, even though both of those things have been moved, he still lies down in just about the same place. We're pretty amused by this, like he chooses his favorite place based on feng shui or something (as opposed to what we thought it was, which was that he liked to lie on whatever was on the floor there).

It reminds me of the one line I remember from the movie, The Princess Diaries: "Will the feng shui club please move the lunch tables off the tennis court?" When I think harder, I can remember a lot more of that movie, but that's the main thing. That and that the guy we were sure was a spy for another country ended up not being a spy. It's nice when movies are less cliche than you expect them to be.

Today I'm thankful for feng shui kitties, dinner invitations, people to play video games with, getting to watch anime yesterday, and the proclamation to the world about the family.