October 25th, 2008


More cosplay ramblings

We finally came to the obvious realization yesterday that the main reason we haven't been able to get to a fabric store to buy materials for shiny costumes is that we haven't asked anybody to take us. Duh. There is a fairly good reason for this, and that is the fact that we pretty much hate fabric shopping, and it takes forever when we do it, so we can't imagine anyone enjoying standing around while we take forever deciding that this fabric really isn't right after all. It didn't help that we had that year where we had no money, so our courage to ask people anyway ran off because it wasn't needed. Oh well, we'll just have to build it up again.

As you may have guessed, that meme yesterday has us thinking about cosplay again. We've been thinking about it anyway, because of America's Next Top Model, and Halloween, and HaruToki, and now it's getting closer to a head, much like our desire to write fan letters. The problem there, of course, is that it keeps getting close to a point where we do something about it, but never quite actually to that point. We blame our constant busyness (it's certainly helpful in making excuses, anyway).

But in the meantime, we do fun things like order cosplay magazines. Apparently the newest issue of Layers has advice on how to do elf ears. It also comes with a pattern for... someone in KuroShitsuji (we call it Black Butler, because it's easier). But we only ordered the magazine this morning, so we don't get to behold its full shiny glory. But we did go to the website and look at previews, and it does look shiny. We also went to Cosmode Online, a place people might for things like tutorials on how to make Japanese style armor. We signed up for an account, but after a while, doing internet stuff makes us tired, so we haven't checked out the entire site yet. We did look through their preview issue of Cosmode Online, and we saw the blog, which had an official legal download of an anime called Megumi, courtesy of the Japanese government! We haven't watched it yet, because today's been pretty crazy.

I think what we need to do is find out who all's going to what conventions, and if they want to do groups and stuff like that. Anybody interested? We're definitely going to Anime Expo 2009, and we're thinking about the following: San Diego Comic Con 2009, Anime Detour 2009, and Otakon 2009. Although chances are if we go to Comic Con or Otakon, we will not be going to the other one.

Today I'm thankful for online cosplay magazines, the Japanese government distributing legal free anime over the internet, plans for a Final Fantasy XII day on Halloween, almost finishing another run through Haruka 2 in less than a week, and increasing will power.