October 23rd, 2008


The end of an era (almost)

As of some time this afternoon (around three-thirtyish), we have completed our Fruits Basket spoiler immunity. We still have some tweaking to do on the translation, and we skipped some of the notes/sidebar thingies for fear there might be a mention of something we hadn't gotten to yet, but we've made it all the way through Fruits Basket 23.

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I think that's all for the story spoiler comments. Now for the general comments. We've been in the middle of translating Fruits Basket since the beginning of our professional translating career. Technically we still are, since, like I said, we still have to translate a few things, tweak the script, and turn it in. But after that, we won't be translating Fruits Basket anymore. It's kind of a weird thing to think about, like it doesn't compute. Only we've actually had quite a few looooong periods of time when we weren't translating it, so it probably won't be a whole lot different. (And technically, there's still a fanbook, if TokyoPop gets it and asks us to translate it.)

It's not really a sad feeling. We've translated a lot of series that have ended by now. This is actually the longest series we've worked on, unless you count Negima, but we're only just starting on it, so that's kind of weird by itself. We don't think it will go on for another 22 volumes, but it's hard to tell with that one.

But anyway, it's a great series, and we're really honored that we were able to translate all of it. We've learned a lot from it, directly and indirectly, about translating and being a good person in general.

Today I'm thankful that it's not quite over yet, that we never really have to say goodbye (just cuz we're not translating it doesn't mean we can't reread it!), having been able to spend so much time with the Sohma family (while still being an outsider), our Fruits Basket CD getting to For Fruits Basket at just the right time, and new beginnings.