October 16th, 2008


We're going to be Michiru's best friend!

We're posting early today for one main reason: we have to go back to Koge Donbo's website in twenty minutes, because she has this Kamichama Karin game where you talk to the guys from the series, and if you make the right choice (kind of like a love sim), you get a point. Whoever has the most points for each of the guys (there's two each month; this month it's Kazune and Michiru (it's Kazune every month; the other one switches between Mitch and Jin)) is listed as their best best friend. Once we were best friends with Jin once in the past, but we fell behind pretty soon after that.

But this month! we've managed to stay best best friends with Mitch for several hours at a time! Mainly because we weren't as busy with translating, so we'd go back to the site every twenty minutes and keep our score up. But while we're asleep, the fangirls in Japan are still awake and racking up points, so we keep waking up and finding ourselves in third place. But now Michiru's the one hanging around Sakuragaoka, so we need to go back and take back first place (we're in second now). And we're kind of on vacation, so this is what we have to do to pass the time inbetween.

So we thought this would be a good time to post more of our Japan pictures, but Photo Bucket's new uploader seems to not like us right now, and I don't have the patience to use the old one. So what to talk about now...?

Well, as we were trying to figure out what was going on with Photo Bucket, twenty minutes passed, and now we've just gotten back into first place! Yay! We'll have to come back again later to make sure we can stay there.

I still can't think of much to talk about though. The rambling part of my brain seems to have been turned off. Later today we're going to have a mini anime marathon, which is happy for two reasons--the first, obviously, that it's an anime marathon, and the second that it will help us make it through our Pile o'Unwatched DVDs. I'm not sure I like that as a contraction, but I wanted to try something new in descriptions. We'll see how I feel about it later. I think we've settled on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, because we bought that series before we bought Chrno Crusade. We really need to get watching stuff, too, because they finally shipped our Code Geass DVD, and apparently we're getting Host Club early. That one might stay unwatched until we have People to Watch it With, because we're still annoyed at FUNimation. The only sad part is that we were recently reminded how very badly we want to read manga, and that's not really very sad at all. We can only do so many things at once, after all, and we're terrible multi-taskers, so that number comes to a grand total of one--two if there's something we don't mind kind of ignoring at the same time.

So I guess the rambler is still working okay.

Today I'm thankful for mini anime marathons, being Michiru's best best friend!, getting plenty of cleaning done, Hare+Guu DVDs (that's what we watched last night), and friendly post-it notes.