October 14th, 2008


Black out!

The craziness intensifies. As if we're gearing up for what's guaranteed to be a most unusual Friday and then even more unusual Saturday, what with Dad coming into town and Celeste getting married and all that.

As I mentioned yesterday, the plan today was to make up that style guide we needed to make up. It turns out it was a really good thing we got to start on it last night, because we got a very late start today. We were planning to start late anyway, since we had to put stuff in the mail, and for some reason that seems to always take us like half an hour. I'm not sure why this is, and yet it is. But we finally got that taken care of (took a little longer than expected, too, because we lost our stamp sheet), and then we had a little extra cleaning to do, courtesy of the kitties.

And so, we finally got back to the computer at about eleven-thirty, which isn't too late, just a little late, and just as we went to check e-mail! the power shut off. We think it may have had something to do with the painters who have been going around, but I don't know what kind of things they would be painting that would cause them to turn the power off, accidentally or otherwise. It doesn't really matter what caused it, anyway--just that it was caused, because with no power we can't get any work done. Nor can we play video games or get caught up on our DVDs (though come to think of it, we probably could have watched DVDs on the laptop until the battery ran out of power; Epimetheus). The thought did occur to me that we could get some cleaning done in preparation for our visitors on Friday, but neither of us wanted to, so manga it was!

After reading manga for about an hour, I went to use the bathroom, which I only mention because it was really an interesting experience washing my hands. There was enough sunlight that a bunch leaked in from under the door, so there was a little bit of light in the bathroom. But it all came from behind me, so when I looked in the mirror I was like this black shadow. It was kind of creepy but also kind of awesome.

When I got out of the bathroom, the power was back on, so we finally got to work, and despite the incredible length of the scripts we had to skim over to make the style guide, we managed to finish work at the normal time. But we were still sad, because we're spoiled and wanted to finish early. Ah well, we're taking the rest of the week off. It's kind of nice to think of vacation time, but on the other hand, we have to spend it cleaning (although I don't think it will take three whole days to clean our apartment), and next on our translation schedule are Kamichama Karin chu and Fruits Basket, so it's kind of a sad place to stop. But then again, it will be that much easier to get back into it, so I guess it all works out! Yay!

And! we finally got our package today! lyschan very kindly reminded us that yesterday was Columbus Day, so we knew not to be worried about the postal workers. We're still concerned that UPS might be hoarding some of our books though. We'll wait a couple of days to see if we get the books we're expecting from Yen Press, and if we still get nothing, we might start asking around. We get things that aren't books, though, so we know it's not that they just hate coming to our apartment or something like that. And we did get the book of Me & My Brothers that we needed to translate... Maybe it's a problem between here and the east coast. Or maybe it's just a clerical error of some sort. Hmmm...

Today I'm thankful for having episode two of Bus Gamer, having the power back on, remembering that we have a laptop in case there's a power outage when we really need to be working, vacation!, and our rent not going up.