October 13th, 2008



Last night we were watching one of the Gundam Seed movies, which led to an interesting question that I was going to totally LJ, but then we decided it would make a good column for Manga Life, so now it will have to wait. And also I'm not entirely sure what to write about now.

We've decided we have entirely too many unwatched DVDs, and we need to get them watched. We were having a really hard time deciding what to do last night, because choosing one thing would mean rejecting so many other things. But we were at least able to narrow it down to DVD-watching. But we think tonight will be a video game night maybe. We should be getting the second episode of Bus Gamer in the mail either today or not today (the USPS website says it left the Fresno post office, but the mail should be here by now and I haven't signed for anything; it could be in the office, but I don't know), which of course adds to our enormous stack of unwatched DVDs, but is also only an hour long (including extras), so it won't take too much of a toll.

So Athena went to check the mail just now, and either we got nothing, or the mail delivery person hasn't come yet. I hope they're okay.

Anyway, we've forbidden ourselves from buying any new DVDs until we've watched a bunch of the ones we have, which is kind of a good motivator, because we still only have two thirds of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, and all of it is out by now (I think). Plus I really want Gargoyles a super lot.

Fortunately, we finished work early today, so we have extra time to do stuff like watch DVDs. We even had enough time to get started on that other style guide we need to make, which was what we were planning to spend all of tomorrow working on. On the other hand, we're out of milk, and we may need to walk over to the 7-11 to get some. It's very cold, though, so I'm not sure if my fingers will be able to handle a Slurpee. Doesn't mean I won't try, though. Or maybe we'll just wait until tomorrow, when it's supposed to be substantially warmer. Silly cold air from Canada.

Well that was a whole lot of rambling about not a whole lot of substance. Ah well. Today I'm thankful for head starts on style guiding, having finally seen the last episode of Tide-Line Blue (now we know why they couldn't show the last episode on TV!), Bus Gamer episode two almost being here, warmer forecasts for Celeste's wedding (the reception is outside), and knowing what to write our next column about (potentially our next two columns; we want to do one about the Phoenix Wright manga, but we want to see the final product first, and we still have no comp copies. There seem to be major problems in general with delivery people these days; on Saturday the FedEx guy gave us a package for the apartment downstairs).