October 12th, 2008



Wow, we've been at the computer for like ever, writing e-mails and stuff. It's all part of the crazy things popping up this week. We got some e-mails on Monday that we were like, "Too busy now! Respond later!" and then we just kept forgetting about them. But they're all responded to now. It's just so unusual to be sitting at the computer this long without being at work translating.

Aaaanyway. We got two packages yesterday. Actually, we got them on Wednesday and Thursday, but we've been so busy we didn't even care enough to go get them until yesterday. One of them was from the Disney Movie Club, with our Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach DVDs. Despite the fact that we have about a million DVDs to watch and it will probably be a while before we get to them (Nightmare Before Christmas really is an after-Halloween movie anyway, in our opinions), we took them out of the package anyway, because the package looked like it was too thick to only have two DVDs in it. As it turns out, the special edition Nightmare Before Christmas DVD comes in ultra-fancy packaging, with a 3D relief of Jack Skellington, that makes it twice as thick as normal DVD cases. But more importantly, looking at the covers of these DVDs, we really felt our irrational fear of claymation coming back to us. We're going to have to work up some courage before we watch these movies (though I'm sure Kingdom Hearts will be a good motivator in the "Jack's in Kingdom Hearts! We have to watch his movie!" sense).

Our other package was from the Classic Composers collection thing, where they send you a CD of a classic composer every... however often it is, and it comes with cards with facts about classical music and stuff. We got the offer before a long time ago, but then they sent us the promotional Mozart CD again, and since we kind of wanted to subscribe anyway, we figured it would be better to get a bunch of different composers than to keep getting Mozart over and over (nothing against Mozart of course; we just don't want to have multiple copies of the same CD sitting around unlistened-to and alone). So we got the started set with Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven. We listened to the Chopin one just now, and it got to a piece we know from La Corda d'Oro as the "Koinu no Waltz," or "the Puppy Waltz." And we remembered it was the Puppy Waltz, because it sounds just like a puppy! So we checked the track list to see what they translated "Koinu no Waltz" from, but apparently it's not actually named the Puppy Waltz. It says here its "Waltz No.6, 'Minute.'" But it sounds just like a puppy! It has a bunch of facts in the CD booklet, but none of them say anything about puppies, and we are very disappointed. I guess we'll have to look it up at Wikipedia or something later. But it's still good music, so whatever, I guess.

We watched some Gurren-Lagann last night, which I don't have anything to say about, but wanted to mention anyway because Gurren-Lagann is made of awesome. And then we watched Freakazoid! commentaries, which were also very awesome. I think my favorite is the commentary for the "Hand Man" cartoon, because the writer, Tom Ruegger, apologized for how long it went on and on and on, and Paul Rugg (fellow writer and voice of Freakazoid!) was like, "No, it's great!" They kept pointing out all the different places where any other cartoon would have faded out and ended, but not them! Not Freakazoid. They just keep going. While I love the idea of Hand Man, I agree that the cartoon went on a little long (though I wouldn't have minded if there had been less hand make-outs), so the commentary helps me appreciate it a lot more.

And now I'm tired of being at the computer and I want to read manga, so we're off! Today I'm thankful for Freakazoid! commentaries, puppies, puppy waltzes (regardless of their actual names), fleece pajamas, and washing instructions for fuzzy slippers.