October 7th, 2008


Long day

I feel like working on Negima has caused thoughts of all else to run away and hide until the storm of words and information has passed. Or something like that. Anyway, today has been a long day, because I forgot the rule of thumb when working on style guides: they always take longer than you think. And so, despite finishing translating Negima by lunch time, we ended up working later than usual because we needed to update the style guide four volumes' worth. Well, three, since we did 22 as we went. And then Athena remembered we still need to add the new stuff from Negima!? neo volume 3, and at least I was suffering from temporary insanity when I thought we'd already translated volume 4. Seriously, where did that come from?

But it's fun working on Negima, because we get to learn a lot of stuff about all kinds of mythology from all over the world. And while it's a huge pain to have to figure out the romanizations of all the Greek and Russian, it feels good to have done it. Actually, technically I don't think we have to do it, but we like to, because as readers, we like to be able to hear the words in our heads, and if they're in an alphabet we don't know, we can't do that. So we provide romanizations, which are hopefully accurate, and hopefully will find their ways into the manga.

Sadly, however, I think that means despite finally remembering about pictures, they'll have to wait again. I think I can get them up by tomorrow?

But! we just got this e-mail from Disney Insider where Mary Costa tells the story of how she got cast as Princess Aurora in Disney's Sleeping Beauty, and we think it's really neat, so I'm going to link it here so all of you can read it, too! I'd provide highlights to tempt you to go read the whole thing, but I can't decide what would be best, so just go read it! It's good. And it's not very long, we promise!

Today I'm thankful for inspirational stories about Walt Disney, finding the DVD remote, online Russian alphabet charts, being almost caught up with style guide updating, and it being time to do something away from the computer now.