October 4th, 2008


Good day

Today's been a pretty good (but long) day. Of course it started with General Conference, which had a ton of good talks, as always. I think my favorites so far were Elder Wirthlin's (come what may, and love it) and Elder Holland's (on angels and how they're evidence that God is looking out for us, and how we should try to be more angelic ourselves). But they were all really really good. It's possible that those are just the ones I remember the best. Athena's reminding me of the one talk by the guy with the French-sounding name (I didn't really see it because of the Spanish subtitles over it), about being more childlike, and how most of the really important truths are the really simple, obvious ones.

And that leads me into one of my favorite things about the Conference: the Primary choir!! For those of you who don't know, in the LDS Church, the Primary is the kids ages three to twelve. They were sooooooo cute♥♥♥ President Eyring announced they would be performing and I was like, "Primary choir!? Cool! Why don't we do that more often? Oh yeah, because kids have a hard time sitting still for two hours." Actually, we were in a Primary choir for a regional conference when we were about twelve. They held it in the Anaheim Pond, so we would look longingly over at Disneyland on the way to and from the conference. Also, we got very fidgety.

So as expected, when the kids stood up to sing the closing hymn, you could tell they were tired and restless, but that just made it so much more adorable♥ And they all sang beautifully anyway, and it made me all teary-eyed *sniffle* It was the best♥

After Conference, we went dress shopping with Mom. Celeste wants all her sisters to wear black at her wedding, with blue sashes. Or it was supposed to be blue sashes, but Sarah's favorite black dress is not made for sashes, so now it's supposed to be blue "something." I'm in charge of making them, but I'm going to delegate the deciding of what each "something" is supposed to be, because our fashion sense is limited. For example, just now Athena suggested blue mini-capes, like Supergirl's (only blue), and we think it sounds adorable♥ But somehow, we think Celeste will disagree.

As we shopped for dresses, we discovered that we can fit into America's Next Top Model model sizes. This isn't entirely surprising, because we've always been super skinny. But after this week's Top Model, it's kind of dangerous, because this week we watched the photo shoot, and we were like, "Man, we would have done that soooo much better!" (Though to be fair, just because we have better ideas for something doesn't necessarily mean we'd pull them off very well.) They were all supposed to represent a different kind of disaster that could hit LA, and pose on this miniature set. The best idea was Athena's: one of the girl's was a traffic jam (not really a disaster, but I guess the designers either ran out of ideas of just really wanted to have miniature cars, or really hate traffic jams), so she came up with sitting on the ground and playing with the toy cars. It seems pretty obvious typing it up like this, and yet there was no playing with toy cars. Maybe it would have been too hard to show off the garment at the same time (kind of the whole point of modeling), but I think I could have made it work.

Also, we know one of the judges on Top Model likes twins. Dangerous. We just have to remember that we'd fail Top Model anyway because we have no idea how to properly apply makeup.

And now we're fed and ready to spend a lovely, relaxing evening. Unfortunately, we can't figure out what we want to do. Ah well, I'm sure we'll work it out.

Today I'm thankful for Primary choir♥, the idea of cute little blue mini-capes (even if we don't get to use it), Claim Jumper's chocolate silk pie and it being in stock at Winco, having pretty new dresses for the wedding, and all the great talks we got to hear today.