October 2nd, 2008



It's funny how when we start translating a series from the middle, by the time we get done translating one book, we have a miniature pile of earlier volumes on our desk. It still happens with Gakuen Alice, and we've translated three volumes of that now! But we like to be consistent, so the piles stay. Until we put them away, of course.

Today we were working on the lexicon in the back of Negima 22. We were like, "We only have five pages left in the whole book--they're a little dense, but I think we can finish them by lunch time." No such luck. But it was really neat to work on anyway. When we read through all the earlier volumes, we skipped past the lexicons, because they weren't important to the plot, and we were kind of in a hurry. But now that we're working on them, it's cool to see how much thought has gone into every aspect of the series, like the little bit on having special poses and how that's actually important in spell-casting, and how if Negi thinks it looks stupid, it's because he still has a lot to learn. It's amazing how much research Ken Akamatsu seems to have done on this thing, with all the quotes and stuff. I almost wonder if he just hops on the internet, like us and LJ, and posts something like, "Hey, what's a good mythological type name for an academic city?" and lets all his internet friends go to work. Like Chisame and her electron sprites. But that's just a theory of course. Anyway, one of these days, we're going to need to go through and read the rest of the lexicons.

But more importantly! today we got an e-mail from our boss at Del Rey telling us that they're sending us each one of the little rubber gavels they passed out at the New York Anime Festival to promote, you guessed it, the Phoenix Wright manga! We are so excited about this! We love promotional items too much, I think. But they're miniature gavels!! How cool is that!? We can play with them and our Apollo Justice "Objection!!" key chains!! Awesomeness♥

Although it does make me a little sad that I have so little to say about such important news. Hopefully it just speaks for itself.

And! our package finally came from Anime Nation! One of the problems we run into (though it's not really a problem) with ordering stuff domestically is that we tend to go for the least expensive shipping, because we're like, "Ah, we're not in a hurry to get it!" But I keep forgetting about media mail. Media mail is Suuuuuper Sllllllooooow. So even after we get our shipping confirmation, we're waiting forever. Usually when we order DVDs we don't think about it too much, though, because we have too many DVDs as it is. But with New and Unusual stuff like sheet music, it's a little harder. But now it doesn't matter! Because it's here! Yay!

So that's what I'll be doing later tonight (playing the piano with my new music), but first we have to decide if we want to work on Negima anymore before that. Probably not.

Today I'm thankful for neat little lexicon thingies, miniature Phoenix Wright (promoting) gavels!, new sheet music to play with, Oreo's redecorating (he seems to have decided he really likes one of the little pillows the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation sent me), and the temperature not reaching the nineties today.