September 25th, 2008


Negima proper

I think I have a harder time coming up with LJ entry intros when it's hot. Or maybe just when it's hot and nothing in particular happened. But I did want to talk about our Negima CD, so here goes!

Since I last posted about Negima, we've learned a lot more about the Negima universe. Most importantly, we figured out exactly what "Negima!? neo" is. First, there was the "Mahou Sensei Negima (Magister Negi Magi)" manga. Then there was the anime of the same title that was based off of it. Then there was a new anime, "Negima!?" that's like Negima starting over with a slightly different storyline. And with "Negima!?" came "Negima!? neo," the manga based off of the anime. It's all pretty complicated. And "Negima!? neo" is the manga that we've been translating.

When possible, we like to listen to CDs of certain titles while we're translating those titles. For example, we have a bunch of Saiyuki CDs that we listen to while translating Saiyuki. We make sure to listen to our Fruits Basket soundtrack when translating Fruits Basket, and our Elemental Gelade soundtrack when translating Elemental Gelade. But for some reason, we didn't think to order a Negima!? CD for Negima!? neo. I'm really not sure why that is.

But now, we're taking over translating Negima proper (our loving nickname for the original Negima manga), at least temporarily. We were super honored to be offered the title, but on the other hand, it's a little sad, because from what we hear, the person who was translating it before had to stop for health reasons. So everybody, please send out good thoughts and prayers!

And that's why we now have a Negima CD (but still no Negima!? CDs, because we couldn't decide which one(s) to buy). We got the one that we think has all the character songs sung by all the girls in Negi's class, but we still haven't listened to it, so we're not sure. It's also the recording from the live concert, which means we don't get a lyric book (sad).

For anyone who was wondering, Negima is actually the third manga of the Big Three! Actually, the other two Big Three were surprisingly kind to us this time around, which almost makes me wonder if they're really in the Big Three, but I remember. Oh, I remember. Though I do think part of what helped with Gakuen Alice is that I've finally gotten used to typing "Higuchi" and "flashback" enough that I don't always have to correct "Higushi" and "flashbacl." The weird patterns my fingers get themselves into. I still seem to be having problems with "Natsume," though. He's constantly being credited as "Natsuem" and "Nastume." Poor kid.

We haven't actually translated any of Negima proper, so we can't say for sure that that one deserves to be in the Big Three either, but we do know that it would probably be wise to invest in a magnifying glass.

Today I'm thankful for good finger habits, magnifying glasses, really fun Bus Gamer image songs, not-too-hard-to-find flashbacks, and life rafts.