September 24th, 2008


Sparkle overload!!

RS President called last night to let us know that we are still on for DDR, but not last night, because the person whose house we'd be borrowing had a night class and couldn't be there. So instead, we finished playing Re: Chain of Memories! And it was awesome. Very intense. I had forgotten how Zexion fights. His weapon is like exactly like Colonel Sanders's from Negima (okay, okay, it's actually Ku:nel Sanders, but we all know that he means for it to be Colonel). We think Chain of Memories came first, but we haven't checked our facts.

Anyway, after beating Chain of Memories again, of course we were in major Kingdom Hearts mode, so we went to the Square-Enix Japanese site to see if there was any news on the new games yet. All we got is that the 358/2 Days site is up (DS game wins!!) and who the main characters are for it, which I think most people already knew. But we got some KH2 wallpapers, so it wasn't a wasted trip. And then, because sometimes they keep the US side posted on different things that the Japanese side, we went to that site, too.

And what game should be the first one they advertise when the site opens up but Re: Chain of Memories, the one we were just playing! And we're like, "Gwah?" And also like, "How long has this been going on!?" Apparently they only just announced on Friday that they're going to release it Stateside. How's that for crazy timing? It makes it look like we started playing it again on Sunday just so we would have beaten it before it comes out here. While we probably would have done that (or at least thought about it), it is not, in fact, the case.

Changing the subject, we've been talking about Gakuen Alice today. There are two things mostly. One, Tachibana Higuchi, apparently, is the Queen of Flashbacks. There are flashback quotes all over this thing! Sometimes they'll flashback to the last panel! And I'm not even kidding!

And two, we think that if they thought about it reeeeeeeally hard, they could probably fit all special class kids into one of the normal classes. I actually don't know what all the classes ended up being translated as, which makes explaining this kind of tricky. For example, Mikan would probably be in the same class as Luca, with Narumi! Yay! And Misaki would be with Class Rep. And we think Tsubasa would be, too, since his is kind of a form of mind(?) control? But then we figured that since he might could also fit in Hotaru's class, maybe what makes them special is that they can fit into more than one class?

We haven't had time to enjoy our new shinies yet, because we were too busy enjoying older shinies (Riku♥♥♥), but we are so excited! We opened our package from Amazon, and it was alllllmost enough to make us say, "Forget Chain of Memories--we're reading manga tonight!" But only because we hadn't played Chain of Memories since the night before, so it wasn't fresh. Once we started Chain of Memories, we were like, "What were we thinking? Why would we want to read manga when we have Kingdom Hearts?" We can be so fickle. Teh heh♥

There was some reason I brought that up, but I can't remember what it is. Oh! That's what it was! The Host Club DVDs came with adorable little mascot figures! We didn't think we'd get them, because it said the first press was sold out, but get them we did, and they are adorable! So now we feel a little more justified in buying both versions. We do think it's good to support Bones directly as well as supporting anime in the US, so it's probably good anyway. Or at least not bad.

I could keep going about stuff (I want to talk about the Negima CD we ordered), but I think I've rambled enough for today. Although if our friends list is boring later, I might post again, but probably not, because we have shinies to play with.

Today I'm thankful for manga characters named Colonel Sanders, adorable mascot figures, Kingdom Hearts wallpaper (they had a really scary one with these super black mushrooms (not Black Fungus) that are probably in Final Mix +, which we haven't played yet; but we have the one with all the KH2 characters up), having time to play with our new shinies, and finally remembering all the names of the three KH games that are currently in development (and which system each goes with!).