September 23rd, 2008


Fangirl time!

I'm struggling a bit with irritability today, but fortunately, I think I'm winning. *thinks* Maybe. A little bit of it might have to do with TokyoPop's format, but Athena kept reminding me to just keep smiling, and I think it helped. It's very important, too, because being annoyed with formats leads to grumpiness, which leads to fighting, which leads to counterproductivity. Anyway, it's silly to be irritable today, because there are so many things to be the opposite of irritable about!

I had predicted yesterday, based on package tracking, that all of the shiny packages that we had shipping confirmations for would arrive tomorrow, and we would suffer from massive sparkle overload. My prediction turned out to be wrong, because two of the three packages came today! Wow! That's fast!

We're still missing the sheet music (kind of ironic that the one thing that was shipped within the States is taking so much longer to get here; we got the two packages from Japan in like a day! Okay, probably two, but wow!), but there's still danger of sparkle overload, because, unless the RS president calls and says we're on for DDR tonight (which would also be Awesome), we're planning to finish up the Reverse/Rebirth part of Re: Chain of Memories, and my goodness is that thing sparkly. Like whoa.

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That's all I remember wanting to fangirl about right now. Tonight is when we get to the really good stuff. Reverse/Rebirth has one of our favorite scenes in all of Kingdom Hearts, so we're pretty excited about getting to it. But first we have shiny CDs to open up! I do think there is a danger of sparkle overload...

Today I'm thankful for super fast shipping ninjas!, Chain of Memories Reverse/Rebirth, the idea of sparkle overload (it's just too funny), making unexpectedly good progress on Gakuen Alice, and getting our packages today.