September 21st, 2008


Can't think of a subject line

I feel like I've been writing all day, even though I really haven't. People just keep posting all these questions on their LJs, and I like answering questions. At least, I do when I know the answers to them.

We weren't originally planning to go anywhere other than church today, but then Mom came into the library and invited us over for dinner. So we were planning on going to that, which is part of why I spent so much time writing all at once instead of doing it a little at a time. But when we got done with it, she called and said they were having other people over, and those people would just want to play cards all night, and since the only thing on their extensive menu that we would have eaten was cornbread, and we really don't like cards, she decided to cancel. It's good for us, because we were looking forward to having an evening to read manga and stuff, and we had been planning on eating our Freschetta pizza for dinner, and now we can go back to that plan. But it does make me wonder, facetiously, if they're ashamed to have us around when their other company is there. In fact, one of the people they're having over comes into the library to check out a CD player every week, and she mentioned once how they hadn't seen us around in a long time.

Athena was kind enough to resize some of our Japan photos last night, and I was planning to post them today, but I'm already tired of being at the computer. If people bug us, I may post them as early as tomorrow, though!

I was also planning on posting the meme that's started going around again, but instead, I think I'll post our answers to the religion questionnaire kilerkki came up with on her LJ. Because it's good to say this stuff sometimes. For context purposes, kilerkki is LDS, like us!

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Today I'm thankful for being done writing for today, the fluffiness of freshly vacuumed floors, plans to play DDR with people, cornbread, and extra time for reading manga.