September 20th, 2008

kid flash

One of those days.

I was going to start this entry with, "Today is another one of those days," and then I realized that there are like a million different "those days." (At least for us, anyway.) Plus that line is super cliche.

This particular "those days" day is... one in which my grammar gets all messed up in my head again. Apparently my brain is spinning too fast or something. Actually, I think it was spinning and then something stopped it and tried to make it go the other way, cutting off my thought process and making me forget what I was going to say. So in that case I probably can't blame it on the dust. There's been a lot of dust today, because we did some cleaning. We also vacuumed! Yay! I was sure I had a thought on vacuuming, but it's lost in the void now. The vacuous void, Athena adds. Ha ha ha...

Aaaanyway, productivity. Yes. We had some of that today. Including! ordering sheet music! Yay again! I don't know what was reminding us, but we were reminded at just the right time so that we remembered it when we were doing stuff at the computer. (Putting off cleaning. Eheh.) So we went to Anime Nation, because we know they sell sheet music there, and my favorite music to play is always stuff from something animated, be it Disney or video games (computer animated!). It's true--for some reason I can never really get into playing my Star Wars or Pirates of the Caribbean music. But I could play Final Fantasy IX for hours. (Literally, too, that sheet music book is huge. And as we all know, video game music is written to loop indefinitely.)

So anyway, we went to Anime Nation and discovered that they had Final Fantasy XII and The Legend of Zelda (you'd think I'd have that by now), so we ordered them both! And now I'm impatiently waiting for them to get here, even though we only ordered them a few hours ago. They also had the piano collections version of Final Fantasy X music, which we thought about getting but didn't because I'm afraid of commitment. We don't have FF10 music, which kind of seems wrong come to think of it. The main reason I was hesitant was that it was the piano collections version instead of the straight-from-the-game version (which they don't seem to have anymore), but thinking about it now, that's the version that's written to sound all fancy for the piano, so I really should have gotten it. Maybe next time. Maybe for Christmas.

But it doesn't really matter because I finally remembered what kind of "those days" it is! It's one of those days where we have a million things we want to do, but can't commit to any of them because 1)there's a million and choosing one would be giving up the other nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine, and 2)having so many things we want to do reminds us of how little time we have to do it all in, and how the heck are we going to find time to do a million things? And that makes us depressed. And if we start one of the million things, we'd of course want to finish it, and that would take time that we don't have, and... oh, opportunity costs.

So even just ordering two new books of sheet music has me like, "But when am I ever going to have time to play!?" The last time I played the piano outside of church was a week ago, because they actually called me and told me what the Relief Society hymns were going to be on Saturday night so I figured it would be good to practice them Sunday morning. I played for maybe ten minutes, but probably not that long. (What kind of a RS pianist am I? For goodness' sake.) Before that, I don't even know how long I'd gone without playing. Aaaaaaaaargh! Oh well. We're finally figuring out how to fit regular cleaning into our schedule, I'm sure we'll figure out something for this, too. The hard part is figuring out what Athena will do. If we just got her another instrument, we could take turns practicing music and, like, drawing or something alternately, and then at the end practice something together! That would be awesome. (Athena: We could get a cello. And do Riku's theme (Kingdom Hearts).)

And that's the kind of day we've been having. That, and dusty. Achoo!

Today I'm thankful for vacuum cleaners, being able to by anime/game sheet music without having to go to Japan, the very near possibility of playing Legend of Zelda music without having to come up with all the parts on my own (melodies are easy enough, but...), remembering the walnuts and rice metaphor (if you do all the important things first (put the walnuts in the jar), the more fun, less important things (the rice) will find a way to fit in), and ordering pretty new stamps from