September 18th, 2008



Today was going so well, but then we interrupted work to go to the grocery store. We decided we should work (almost) as long as we normally do anyway, and thus we ended up stopping late. But at least we met our quotas. I Hate You♥ is going so quickly that I'm worried it's going to give us a false sense of security, so that when we get to Gakuen Alice, the second of the Big Three, we'll do see the first page and die from shock. And then we'll revive ourselves and get back to work. Slow, slow work.

I remembered something very important about cosplay the other day, which had me kind of disappointed in myself for not remembering to begin with, because I think I even touched on it on our column on cosplay a mere three weeks ago. I've been whining all this time about how I don't want to cosplay characters that nobody will recognize, but it occurred to me that the point of cosplay really isn't to get attention. It's to show your love of a character, and hopefully meet other people who also love that character. So as long as just one other person recognizes the character, that should be enough. Of course, one of my concerns is that there won't even be one. I'm so pessimistic when it comes to our social life.

That being the case, it opens up a whole world of cosplay possibilities. But then it gets hard to narrow them down, and I want to make all of the costumes but I only have one place to wear them (AX, although we have tentative plans to go to Anime Detour next year, I think?) and it only comes once a year and we don't have that much luggage to fit all those costumes, and with all my excuses it's enough to make me wonder if I even really want to cosplay at all anymore. I think at this point I'm afraid of sewing. It's been so long, I'm worried that I won't be able to sew as well. And I never liked that part much to begin with. And what about all the time it will take!? Aaaaaaaaugh!

I guess I just need to get over myself. And somehow figure out a way to get to a fabric store.

Today I'm thankful for it being cool enough to justify getting chocolate covered pretzels, getting to buy groceries today, chibi Honjo, honesty, and kitties keeping us company.