September 15th, 2008


Once upon a time...

And so I started to update Live Journal.

I couldn't think of what I wanted to start it with, so Athena suggested something weird like that. I'm pretty sure we've seen that kind of thing in more than one manga, but we can't remember which ones. Some jokes are just harder to pinpoint.

Aaaanyway. What even is going on to write about? Yesterday was pretty uneventful, except for playing Phase 10 (which in itself was pretty uneventful) and Celeste getting a birthday present despite our being here for four years (almost) and never ever getting a single one. Not even to split! Poor Twinses. Athena suspects it's because we don't have boyfriends. No, of course it doesn't make sense, but some things just never do.

But enough whining! We got to listen to our CD dramas last night after we got back! We had ordered two I Hate You♥ CDs and one Me & My Brothers CD, but one of the I Hate You♥ CDs was backordered, delaying the entire order for a month until they decided it's just impossible for us to get it. Sad. But at least we got the other two, which still meant one I Hate You♥ CD! Tadah! Both the ones we got had original stories that don't show up in their respective manga, but since the original manga artists are so busy writing the actual manga, the stories tend to be extremely fillery. But that's okay, because the casting is so perfect that they're just super fun anyway. And the I Hate You♥ was pretty typical of the manga anyway, in a "Heeeere we go again" sort of way. We want to scan the manga and make a movie out of it, but I don't know if it will ever happen for two very important reasons. First, scan our manga? Are you serious? (Although we'd probably scan our comp copies that we got from CMX, of which we have multiples.) And second, it would be a big, time-consuming project and I'm not sure we have the motivation. And a third, more minor, reason is that we don't have a USB cable with which to connect our scanner to our computer. Still, we keep wanting to scan things, so maybe someday.

The Me & My Brothers CD was too perfect. All the voices and how they interacted together... it was beautiful. Just beautiful. Although we didn't expect Masashi's voice to drop so much when he went out of girly mode. His voice sounds pretty close to Kenichi Suzumura(Tsuyoshi)'s already, so it made it pretty hard to tell people apart. But that's what context is for! Context is one of our best friends.

Does anybody even read Me & My Brothers (aka Oniichan to Issyo)? Volume 5 comes out tomorrow, and the next one to come out after that was translated by us! And it's really cute, and it was like 22nd on some rankings thing that we got with our AX extras, so we think it probably wasn't put on hiatus with the restructure. Right, summary. It's about a girl who was living with her grandmother because her parents died in an accident when she was reeeeeeally little, but then her grandmother dies, and she finds out that shockingly! she actually had four older brothers who now take her in. With that, I Hate You♥, and Pick of the Litter, it makes us wonder what other manga about big families is out there, or if we actually happen to be translating all of the ones there are. (Except Pick of the Litter is over, so it's not really the progressive tense with that one.) We like them a lot, so maybe we'll get to do even more! Yay!

In other news, we've still got the same cosplay quandaries as ever. All like, "I wanna cosplaaaaaaaay! But I dunno who I wanna beeeeeee! This character is mine and no one else can have them! But if I cosplay them no one will recognize me, and I want everybody to look at me! Whine whine whine whine whiiiiiiiine!" I guess it's a good thing we have time to figure stuff out.

Today I'm thankful for miai practice, jokes that are so funny that seeing the punchline coming a mile away doesn't make them any less hilarious, the absolutely perfect casting for Naka-chan, Ichihisa being so considerate of his listeners (also perfect casting♥), and sisters that sing "hello" with us.