September 13th, 2008


A dream is a wish...♪

It might have been a mistake to start playing Corda last night, because it reminded us how much we want to learn new instruments. So we spent a while last night at an online music shop looking through stuff, and man it's just so cool. They have harps! And the description for one of them says it can be a lap harp, so we're like, "Oh, who can we cosplay that plays the harp!?" But we could only think of one character (Lumiale from Angelique) other than Sheik from Ocarina of Time, and Sheik plays more of a lyre. I wonder if we could find a place that sells lyres...

Really what we ought to do is just go to a music shop, because I can order a new bridge for my violin online, but there's no way I'd be able to install it myself. Last time I had someone just put it in place for me, and I tried to tune it up, but because I had no idea what I was doing, I pulled the strings too tight and the bridge broke in half. Maybe it wasn't really properly in place. Anyway, I wanna play a gassou so bad! (Gassou is the Japanese word for more than one person playing instruments together. We tried looking up the English equivalent and all we got was concert and ensemble, and neither of those seem to work. Mostly I just want to play the piano or violin or a new instrument (like a flute or something...) with somebody else also playing an instrument. It's my new dream.)

In other news, tomorrow is Celeste's birthday dinner, so it looks like we're going to need to be prepared with travel entertainments, if last week is anything to judge by. Manga of course would be the easiest, but we have this dream where if we bring the laptop and start killing time by watching a really funny anime, everybody else will be like, "What are you laughing at...?" and then they'll actually sit down and watch with us. Of course, based on experience it's more likely that they'll glance at the monitor, see that it's anime, say, "Oh." and walk away. But we can dream! Of course, if we actually try to implement that plan, and we do get that outcome, our dream would be crushed, but then we can move on without any lingering regrets. Also, we could blame it on the fact that we wouldn't have been watching Host Club. (Doesn't come out for another month and a half.)

Speaking of Host Club, we were super torn as to whether we should get the domestic release or buy the import DVDs. We're really really mad at FUNimation and we're super annoyed at how much they're playing up the dub cast (doesn't anybody care about Miyano-kun♥!?), so we didn't want to acknowledge them at all. But on the other hand, we can't watch it with anybody else without subtitles. So normally we would have just sucked it up and gotten the domestic release anyway (besides, it's cheaper), but the truth is, we have exactly Zero people to watch Host Club with. Athena says she'd say approximately zero, but I'm not convinced. At any rate, we always have hope, so we didn't want to give up the idea. Soooo we went and preordered the domestic version anyway (especially because, based on our lack of Code Geass, we figured if we didn't preorder it way ahead of time, RightStuf would underestimate how many they needed and we'd be waiting for eternity). And then when we made our next CD Japan order, we ordered the first two volumes of the import DVDs, which were fortunately less expensive than we expected.

But back to tomorrow's dinner. Apparently Steve's father and his wife are going to be stopping by too, and that means for some reason unbeknownst to us, we're not allowed to eat anything different than what everybody else is eating. Growing up, that was usually sort of the case anyway--we were allowed to have something else as long as we fixed it ourselves. As a result, we ended up eating at a different time than everybody else anyway, because that's when the kitchen was free. But this time we won't be at our own home, and we won't have a means of going back to our own home on our own. And we have to make sure we eat whatever we eat before the other guests arrive. I'm not sure if that means before they get there for dinner, or if it means before they get home from church, but anyway, we have to eat really early and then not have much to eat for the rest of the night, which doesn't strike me as entirely healthy, but that's the kind of thing you have to deal with when you're a picky eater. I just wish we still had some baked Ruffles or something to eat when we got home.

Hmm, we could go to the 7-11, since Athena wants to get a dragon fruit Slurpee anyway, and pick something up, but our night's already packed with other fun stuff we want to do (more Corda). Decisions, decisions. We'll work it out. Besides, there will be bread at the main dinner, so we should really be fine.

Anyway, the thing that's kind of weird to me is that when Mom called, she wanted to see if there was anything else they could get so our plates wouldn't be empty. Athena suggested putting things on her plate regardless of whether or not they'd be eaten, but we thought about it and decided that's kinda dumb. We are picky eaters, so what's the point in pretending we're not? We'd be living a lie! A lie!!! Okay, so it wouldn't be that dramatic, but it does seem kind of silly. Unless we were planning to do our best! and overcome our pickiness. Then it wouldn't be a lie.

Would it make Mom look bad for not raising us to eat whatever's put before us? As long as we don't put anything before us, it's not like we're wasting food, which I think is much worse than being a picky eater. Oh my goodness, all the times in TV we see people walking away from restaurants and cafes in the middle of their meals because of some "emergency" that popped up, and we just wanted to hit them or something. Don't leave that parfait, it looks divine, dang it! *whap!*

Ah well, whatever happens, happens. And we get French bread pizzas for lunch! Yay!

Today I'm thankful that our CD dramas came! (another thing filling our evening), French bread pizzas, dinner rolls, the marvelous cleaning power of oxygen, and music shops. And autosave. So thankful for autosave.