September 11th, 2008


And down again

After lyschan urged us once again to read Tears of the Lamb, we decided if we didn't get an Amazon Japan account then, we might keep forgetting until the books really were out of print, and we really couldn't have that. And so we made an account and ordered the whole series. It wasn't until after that, when we were ordering a few things from CD Japan and made sure we were using PayPal, that we remembered that our credit card company is exceedingly wary of overseas purchases, so hopefully everything will go smoothly. Also, it's looking like we won't get the books until October. Sad.

But anyway, shipping from Amazon Japan really is horrendously expensive! We know some people order from them anyway, but in the future, we would highly recommend ordering from Kinokuniya instead if you can. The price of the books is a little higher, but since it ships domestically, it really costs way less overall.

In other news, Oreo is being nauseous again. We're really concerned this time, because he doesn't seem to be eating much, either. But he does seem to be getting plenty of water, and his coat feels normal, so we don't think he's dehydrated or that he's really sick sick--just nauseous from the changing air pressure. And we know that's a possibility because I was feeling a little nauseous myself earlier today. We're keeping an eye on him, of course, but in the meantime, does anybody happen to know what might help settle a kitty's stomach? Like how people eat saltines or drink 7-Up? We really hope we don't have to take him back to the vet, because that causes so much stress for prolonged amounts of time (medication...). And we really don't want to end up putting him on drugs every time the weather gets all weird, because that happens kinda frequently.

So we were stressing out about Oreo while we were working on Kieli, and then we got to a part that is not for the faint of stomach, which really didn't help to calm us down.

Today I'm thankful for paper towels, Amazon Japan, domestic shipping prices, only having missed one episode of the new cycle of Top Model, and Oreo drinking a lot of water.