September 10th, 2008


The happy things continue

Our kitchen sink is finally fixed! Tadah! Actually more like "Yay!" because we didn't do anything in the fixing department, but somehow "tadah" seemed to flow better. Anyway, our kitchen sink faucet has been having issues for a long long time. We reported it to the management before, but somehow it always seemed to get lost in the shuffle, because the only time I remember reporting it before, there were also living room light and dishwasher issues. Although the dishwasher issues we totally could have lived without their fixing.

Anyway, we have a high inconvenience tolerance, so we just dealt with it, because we're usually so focused on working and then doing whatever we want to do after work afterwards that we don't want to take time out to deal with it. It doesn't help that the best time to report stuff is in the morning before work, and at that time, we don't care about the sink--we want to get work out of the way. But last night, the handle came off, and the sink was more than difficult to use--it was impossible. So we had to report it. Fortunately, our management is really good about getting things fixed, and a maintenance guy came this very day! (Which is usually what happens; we just had longer issues with the light because they had to call an electrician, and electricians aren't always that available (does anyone even remember what we're talking about?).) And now not only can we use our sink like normal, we can use it better than normal! Yay!

But more importantly, Banri Hidaka became our best imaginary friend last night (imaginary in the sense that we imagine her to be our friend despite the fact that if she does know we exist, it's probably no more than a vague idea of somebody somewhere translating I Hate You More Than Anyone for American readers) when I read the Daily Heaven at the end of VB Rose 3 (Athena still hasn't gotten to the series *sniffle*), and she revealed that she, too, is a picky eater. It was pretty funny because I was kind of distracted at the time, but I read where she said, "My favorite food is white rice," and I thought of how our extended family teases us about how we don't like any food with ingredients, and hope began to sprout in my heart. And then I got to the bottom of the page where she comes out and says she's a picky eater and lists a bunch of the things she can't eat, and I was so so so happy.

See, of all the things about us that could be considered weird or freakish, the only one we're really insecure about is the picky-eaterishness. Not that we wish we weren't picky eaters (we have much more important things to do with our time than eat, after all), just that that's the one that seems to make it hardest to associate with people normally. For some reason, most people who aren't picky seem to be obsessed with food. It's not a bad thing of course--it just makes it harder for us to fit in. And it's even harder when most of the social events around are centered around food, because even if we go and choose not to eat, people will then hound us with questions about it that we can't really answer. (Hidaka-sensei mentioned that, too! She's totally our best imaginary friend.)

It was especially hard after our trip to Japan, mainly because of the menus at the restaurants in the Disney parks. See, all the food there has Ingredients. Or in other words, you can't get a cheese pizza there. Not even like a fancy five-cheese pizza. It has to be like a sausage pizza or a seafood pizza. And so we remembered all the manga and anime and even video games that depict characters in elementary school being forced to stay at the desk at school until they've eaten their entire lunch, and the thought occurred to us that maybe they beat pickiness out of you at an early age in Japan, and you're just not allowed to be picky. (Of course we've known for a long time that Akira Ishida♥ is a picky eater, but he somehow seems to be an exception to every rule.)

And so, much as we love Disneysea, we're afraid to go back, because we could starve. And because I feel like our dislike of food in general would prevent us from being able to really make any friends. Because we'd be hanging out, and someone would get hungry... and it would all just fall apart from there. Irrational fear? Most likely. But that doesn't mean it's any less scary.

But now we know that Banri Hidaka is just as picky as we are, so we know that there's at least one person who would still hang out with us, even if we didn't feel like eating. We really need to write her a fan letter or two.

Today I'm thankful for fellow picky eaters (seriously, it was like I could hear a heavenly chorus), our kitchen sink being fixed (yay!), amusing plans to live off of popcorn at Tokyo Disney parks, the weather being still cooler today, and Banri Hidaka's Daily Heavens.