September 9th, 2008



It's Yasutsugu(Haruka2)'s birthday today! Or sort of. I've probably mentioned this before, but since they used a different calendar in Heian Japan, the ninth day of the ninth month is not going to fall on September 9th every year, so that just makes it all confusing and stuff. But anyway.

Two things are making me very happy today. The first is that it's several degrees cooler (five-thirty and only 92 degrees? Awesome!). We even have some clouds! (Thanks, lyschan!) And not being hot makes it a lot easier to deal with just about everything. In fact, it may be a big contributor to why the second thing is making me so happy.

The second thing is that we started a new series today! It's always exciting to start a new series, but these days it's a little scary, what with the recent doomfulness of schedules and everything. It's impossible to tell how long a new series is going to take to translate, so there's no telling how much time it's going to take out of a schedule until it's done, and by then it's usually too late. Of course, we can always make sure to get something done within five business days, but there's still the question of how much pushing ourselves will go into that, and whether or not we'll have to skip working on Kieli for the day.

But this time, we discovered that we had nothing to worry about, and on top of that, it's our new favorite series! Yay! Apparently one of my favorite things to read/watch these days is family caring for each other and all that sappy stuff. Only it's not really that sappy, it only sounds that way in description. It even made me cry! (Which, as I've said several times before, is harder to do when we're translating something.)

Unfortunately, we don't think we can tell anybody what it is yet. On the one hand, it's frustrating because we can't tell everybody, "Hey, go read this series!" But on the other hand, since we're still in the middle of translating it, we know it's not that readily available (except maybe through scanslations?), so it would be pointless anyway. It was really fun, though, because when they offered it to us, the first thing they said was that it was by a manga artist that we already really like (not Banri Hidaka or Natsuki Takaya, sorry), so we didn't bother reading the summary of it, and this is one of those titles where it's especially awesome if you don't know what's going to happen. So maybe it's good that I can't tell anybody what it is, because then they won't go looking for summaries. Except that if they're going to take my word for it and not read a summary, they won't know what not to read a summary of. Oh well, I'm sure it will all work out. Rest assured, we will be announcing it loudly when the series goes on sale. And probably when it's announced. It might not go on sale for a long time, though, because we were told they won't want volume two for a very long time. Sad.

But another thing is that it doesn't take long to translate, and that plus cooler weather equals exceedingly awesome. Except that it will be over sooner... *sniffle* Part of the reason we decided it was okay to accept the series was that we were told it was only two volumes, but that's kind of sad too, now. Only in the book when it lists the title as one of her works, it doesn't have the kanji that tells us it's over, so maybe it's not! Except that we did the research and volume two came out like 18 months ago. Sigh.

Anyway, today is another commemorative day in that we turned in our 200th translation! Woohoohoohooooooo! (Assuming we did all the math right.) And it was Kamichama Karin chu volume 5! Approximately two years after we turned in our 100th translation (Fruits Basket 17), which means we've averaged about one translation a week! For two years! Whoa!

Today I'm thankful for super mega hyper awesome (overhype?) new manga to work on, cooler weather today, having had a little time to read manga yesterday, Host Club 13 arriving today (clearly more than two happy things happened today), and 200 translations!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!