September 3rd, 2008


The horror... the horror...!!

I never thought we'd get so obsessed with a horror series. Like ever. But see, we ended up reading an interview with the creator of Higurashi, and we were like, "Dude, they should totally get this guy to come to AX." And so of course that means we'd have to cosplay the series. And since we don't have a whole lot else to think about (or is it just that we have one-track minds...?), that's what I was thinking of when we checked LJ before going to bed last night and decided it there wasn't enough interesting stuff posted to just turn off the computer and go to bed.

So we went in search of a good picture of Shion, because she wears a sweater and neither of us has mad knitting skills, so we wanted to post it on LJ and ask all our friends who knit if any of them would be willing to make that sweater for us for money. We're still serious about that, but we didn't manage to find a satisfactory picture. Anyway, while we were looking for a picture of the cover of volume two of the Wata-Nagashi Hen (the Cotton Drifting Arc), we found a certain CD. Something about Irie-sensei's counterattack? was the title, so we looked up the track list and oh my gosh Irie-sensei has an image song.

This sent us into a fangirl panic. See, Irie-sensei is played by Toshihiko Seki, who is one of our favorite people after we met him at AX. The CD came out like two weeks ago. We don't know how long before the release date they would have done the recording, but it's possible it happened very close to Anime Expo, and that had us like, "Oh my goodness, why oh why oh why didn't we cosplay Mion and Shion then!?" But we calmed ourselves down, because Irie-sensei is a secondary character, and (according to our random cosplay logic) it's better to cosplay things they're main characters in, unless cosplaying the voice actor's character or love interest.

Of course it didn't take long for us to figure out that if a secondary character like Irie-sensei has a song, then of course Keiichi would have a song, because Soichiro Hoshi♥ is not afraid to sing. And so we went off to CD Japan, and now that we've been to the bank, we're strongly considering ordering a few CDs. The ironic thing is that, even when we agreed to translate the Higurashi manga, despite the fact that if there are CDs of a series we like to listen to them when translate that series, we decided that we would never ever ever buy Higurashi CDs, because it's a creepy creepy series. And yet, here we are...

Keiichi has a duet(?) with Oishi. How weird is that?

Today I'm thankful for my awesome visiting teacher being available to take us to the bank, good timing, honey-butter Ritz crackers, having more food that will hopefully help in getting legs to be less sore, and feet.