September 2nd, 2008


Oh with the confidentiality...

I'm on day three of my legs hurting like crazy whenever I change position from sitting to standing or the other way around, and I am not digging it. Ah well, at least the pain has subsided a little bit.

In other news... Hold on, I have to remember what the other news was... The most recent news is that we were reminded today that there was a certain project hanging around in the ether, waiting for itself to come into existence so we could work on it ASAP, when it arrived today. We were pretty scared at first, because we're still not sure how our October schedule is going to work out (Athena says, "Death. Until the 22nd, at which point we will either be free from death, or dead."), but it turns out this part of the project (actually part two) is a lot easier to work with than the first part, and a lot more fun. I want to talk about it more, but I think it might be wise to wait a while to make sure we're not breaking any confidentiality clauses.

In the meantime, we've been working on the second volume of the Tatari-Goroshi Hen of Higurashi. It's been a long time since we've seen the anime, but man that is some crazy crazy stuff. Like seriously. Whoa. There's a part at the end that I don't remember being in the anime at all. If it is, I want to see it again, because Soichiro Hoshi is so good at playing psycho, and yet so cute at the same time, that it's even extra super scary. Now we have to go check DVD release dates. Sigh.

Poor Oreo is showing signs of nausea again. It's not extremely frequent (mostly just after he eats, unfortunately), and there's no blood, so we're hoping it's just the changes in air pressure that come with the drastic changes in temperature that Fresno seems to like so much. They're enough to make me nauseous in the head (which is not a pleasant feeling, let me tell you) and give Athena headaches, so we think it makes sense that they'd affect kitties, too. At any rate, it would be a heck of a lot better than more gastroenteritis. But we do hope he's okay. He also seems to have decided that the PS3 is once again one of his favorite places to lie down, coinciding with our sudden playing of Haruka2. Is it really that he's just following the current trends? Or is it just random? If only cats could talk... Y'know, in a language we could understand.

Today I'm thankful for fun surprise projects, getting paychecks today, big words (when not overused), having plans to go grocery shopping today, and having time to listen to Shining Tears before getting back to work.