August 27th, 2008



For some reason when I thought about posting in LJ today and what I would type, the entry in my head started with, "Hello!" I'm not sure exactly why that is--maybe it's because I've written a few e-mails today (though really, I think it was only two, and we've certainly written more than that in a day before), or maybe it's because somebody needs to have someone say hello to them, so...


That being said, I'm not entirely sure what all I'm going to write about today. We finally got our voters' registration in the mail this morning. We actually registered for the first time four years ago (we were already 22; we're such horrible slackers), but we moved just about right after that. Then we refused to acknowledge the fact that we live in Fresno, because we were here under quite a bit of duress, so we chose not to register. But this election is shaping up to be pretty important (though I guess they're all, like, super important), so register we have. Tadah!

And, true to our theory that, if we're expecting them, we get shiny things in the mail as soon as we put important things in the mail, we finally got our shiny package from Play Asia today! I can already feel the time slipping away... But it will be shiny. Oh, it will be shiny. And yet not Shining Tears. We still need to order that. We need to get to the bank, too. Man, we have a lot of stuff we need to do. Although I guess, technically, we don't need to order Shining Tears, but with such a happy theme song, how can we not, really? I wonder how they dealt with the theme song for the North American release... It doesn't matter, though, because we want to play it with Soichiro Hoshi♥ as the main character, so we won't be getting that version... at least not yet. I do wonder how Play Asia affects the video game industry... Hmm...

Today I'm thankful for Higurashi being no more scary than usual (text-density-wise), two adorable kitties on the chairs behind us, getting our shiny package from Play Asia, the amusing things my hands type when my brain isn't paying attention (I just typed "Play Aside"; why on earth...?), and it now being time to order pizza! Woohoo!