August 26th, 2008


But I still can't quite think straight.

We finished work early today! Yay! I feel like I'm always cheering about the same things. But this time it's especially happy, because now all we have left is the super-long volume of Higurashi before we go over to our September schedule (though technically Higurashi is also due in September, but for some reason we always count it as our last book of the month), and our September schedule is love. Love in the sense that we only have four things due, and at least one of them will be very easy to translate. October, on the other hand, will be murder. Our three most text-heavy titles, all due within one week. So hopefully we'll get a head start in September.

But in the meantime, tomorrow we find out exactly how scary this volume of Higurashi is going to be, and then I'll be even more happy, because I'll know. Of course, if it proves to be really scary, I might not be so much more happy.

But anyway, I guess now I have some time to do some manga reviewing!

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Well, I tried to review it. I don't think I succeeded. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for having a little bit of extra time today, friendly calls from the vet checking in on Oreo, the extras on the Bus Gamer limited edition DVDs, getting a package which we can only assume is our Chrno Crusade DVDs, and being done for the day making phonecalls to people we don't know very well.