August 23rd, 2008


Yay kitties!

Oreo is back from his last follow-up at the vet and he's been declared... well, free to go without any more treatment, so I'll take that as healthy. And the vet said he has beautiful, soulful eyes. She also said that he could really use a teeth-cleaning, so we're thinking we'll schedule one for him, but we didn't today because he's been to the vet four times in the last two weeks, so we want to give him a break. We need to remember to mark our calendar.

Speaking of calendars, oh my goodness. So we're... saps, really, and when people send us shiny things in the mail and ask for donations, we say, "Oh, well, we can afford a little something," even though we're pretty sure most of that money will go to making more of the shiny things they're sending people in order to ask for money instead of like, supporting the cause. Of course when you do that, word gets out that you do that, so everyone starts sending you stuff asking for money. What with work being so crazy and all, our mail's been piling up in super-ignored chunks (except for things like bills, checks, and shiny boxes of manga), so we've managed to shake the habit of paying everybody (even though I like helping people out; that's what tithes and offerings are for, I guess).

But! the American Lung Association sent us a calendar. We actually have about eight calendars that charities have sent us, so we're really not sure what to do with all of them, which is why, when I was finally going through mail this morning, I was annoyed to discover a follow-up mail from the same company. They said, "We hope you're enjoying your calendar..." And I'm like, "Dude, I didn't even ask for your calendar! Don't try and guilt me about it!" Was I supposed to send it back if I wasn't going to pay anything? I'm all for healthy lungs, but I'm not for unfair guilt trips. Of course, I didn't read the letter that came with the calendar, so maybe it is a fair guilt trip. (Though to be honest, we're not using the calendar, and if we were to use one of the millions of calendars we've been sent, I don't think that would be the one...)

But we're happy because we've been very productive today. We did a little cleaning, though the apartment probably looks exactly the same except for the kitchen counter and the area behind the couches where all the mail was piling up. (It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't send us all those coupon thingies. It would be great if we used them, but as it is, I feel like a tree murderer. Thank goodness for recycling.) And we even managed to get caught up on Kieli. I think we're getting faster at translating prose, if not necessarily better. And so, even though the next book of Higurashi is pretty terrifying (not, ironically, because it's a horror manga), we're finally feeling like we're getting back on track.

Maybe one of these days I'll post about the anime and manga we've been watching/reading, but now it's time for some recreation.

Today I'm thankful for chewy Sweet Tarts (we picked up some miniature ones at PetSmart today (people treats to go with the kitty treats we were buying), but we haven't tried them yet), Oreo being done at the vet for a while, my visiting teacher calling and offering to drive us if we needed to go somewhere right when we had a vet appointment, recycling, and the feeling of being back on track.
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