August 20th, 2008



I really hope this being on a roll thing keeps up, because we still have to catch up on all the Kieli translating we'd been slacking on. But tomorrow we're reworking our DN Angel translation, and that only took between three and three and a half hours to do the first time, so we think we're in pretty good shape. We think as long as the next volume of Higurashi doesn't kill us (it's literally about three hundred pages long (most manga is around 180)), we'll be alright.

In the meantime, I still have Disneyland reporting to do!

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Well, I think I've been at that long enough for today. More random thoughts on Disneyland and DCA (Disney's California Adventure) later.

Today I'm thankful for our awesome new pillows, smiling parade dancers, getting to watch animators draw stuff, Extreme Skipping (I'm sad I missed it, but I have hope that I'll get a chance to see it again), and having had a little time to catch up on Kieli today.