August 11th, 2008


Oreo update

First of all, thanks for all your good thoughts, well wishes, and prayers, everyone. The vet called this morning, and it looks like Oreo's doing fine. They've got him eating foods (which isn't very surprising, since Oreo himself didn't seem to think anything was wrong yesterday, even after throwing up blood), but they want to keep him until this afternoon for more observation and to get him started on the right medication. In the meantime, we still have work to do, so we're off!
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Oreo is back!!

Oreo's back from the hospital, with three different kinds of medication, fortunately none of which are pills, so he can't spit them back out even after we've supposedly forced them down his throat. I just hope the one he needs every eight hours is gone before we leave for Disneyland, because I feel bad enough asking Mom to take care of medicating him without making her do it three times a day. (Obviously not bad enough to cancel the trip. Everyone just seems so excited about it, and Sarah and her boyfriend seem like people we could really have a good time with at Disneyland.)

And he has a little bandage around his leg where they stuck the IV, which he does NOT seem to like having there. We didn't think to ask if we could take it off. baranoneko, if we don't catch you before you read this, leave a comment, please?

Oh, and they gave us Oreo's x-rays on CD! Pretty neat, huh? Maybe we'll post them sometime... but now that I type that, it seems like a pretty bad violation of privacy to post someone's insides on Live Journal. So maybe not.

As for the rest of the day, it's seemed pretty surreal. Partly because Oreo was gone, but mostly because we had the blinds closed most of the day so it was pretty dark in here. My goodness, we get little enough sunlight as it is. It also turns out that apparently we're at least partly solar powered, because keeping ourselves going for work turned out to be more difficult than usual. But we made good time, and we'd even be ahead of schedule if not for two things--the Disneyland trip, and the addition of another translation that we've been asked to do ASAP. I guess now that TokyoPop has fewer titles to deal with, it's a lot easier to keep track of when the ones they're still doing come out. Man, we haven't even opened the package with our own copy yet. Now we know what Minekura-sensei feels like when she talks about all the DVDs of concerts of her favorite singers that she hasn't had a chance to watch yet. Whew.

I guess we'll be putting DN Angel on a brief hiatus. Sad, because if we hadn't let ourselves get distracted on Saturday, we probably would have finished it then. Oh well.

Right, I was going to explain why we had the blinds closed. Now that most of the new roofs are installed, it's time for the new paint job. We don't want painters looking inside our windows all day (our place is so cluttered), so we've been working in the dark. I guess we could have, y'know, turned on a light or something, but I can't stand having artificial lights on when the sun's still out, and we wanted to save electricity, and we had enough light that we could see without straining. Just a lot less light than usual.

The painters started at seven-thirty with power washing the walls. It was pretty noisy, so we were glad we went to bed an hour early last night. We were just so tired we didn't have the energy to do anything else.

And this entry is a lot less coherent than I planned it to be. We have a lot going on. So we'd better get back to it.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo being back from the hospital!!!, not having to give Oreo pills, making good progress on manga and novels today, the painters being gone by the time we got Oreo so there was no one there to freak him out (especially since Sarah thought it would be cool to let him out of his carrier to explore the car on the way home, so we did, and then we realized there wasn't a chance we would get him back inside), and the potential of maybe playing video games today.
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